The Crimes of the Catholic Church 1 Inquisition
To hold on to their power, Pope Innocent III instituted the Inquisition. They have mistreated the early Christian and labeled those who read the Bible as ‘Heretics’.

Published on Aug 10, 2013

Along with the inquisition, the Roman Catholic Church invented many cruel and inhumane torture devices. These instruments had made the guillotine more humane. They can just kill a person quick and easy, rather, they made their death as painful imaginable.

Published on Aug 10, 2013

(3:06) “There is no such thing as the innocent blood of Jewish children!
All Jewish blood is guilty, and the Jews must die because that is their punishment for that sin.”
-Pope Pius XII, in reply to a Jewish rabbi who is asking for help from the church

Published on Aug 10, 2013

Mea culpa is a Latin phrase that translates into English as “through my fault”. It is repeated three times in the prayer of confession at the Catholic Mass: mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa — “through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault”. The three phrases are in the ablative case, which gives the instrumental meaning “through”

The Crimes of the Catholic Church:
Part 1: Inquisition…
Part 2: Cruel Torture…
Part 3: Holocaust…
Part 4: “Mea Culpa”…

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