Criticism of religion
Most people consider religion to be important, but this does not mean that it is beyond criticism. This criticism comes from many different directions and is not limited just to those who have no religious faith. There are many people who believe the teachings of a particular religion who still find grounds to criticize it.

One of the biggest criticisms of religion is that they teach things that are clearly not true. This has become an increasing problem as science has grown in importance. It is now fairly well established for example that most of what is taught in the Bible is not correct from a scientific standpoint. That being the case it is hard for a lot of people to take the other teachings of the religion seriously. Trying to reconcile religion and science is something that many people have attempted to do but virtually all attempts have failed pretty badly.

The other big criticism of religion is that a lot of what is taught is contradictory. This is not just an issue between the different religions but also within a single religion. There are many stories and histories that are part of all religions that contradict other stories and histories that are part of the same religion. Even worse there are number of situations where the rules that are supposed to govern the behavior of people are contradictory. This obviously makes it impossible to follow all of the rules of the religion which makes it necessary to pick and choose which ones should be followed.

Religion also has a bit of a problem in that it can’t keep pace with changes in society. There are a lot of rules in almost all religions that have long since outlived their usefulness. A good example of this would be the religions that ban the eating of pork. Thousands of years ago when these rules were created eating pork ran the risk of becoming infected with parasites. This is no longer the case and it is now perfectly safe to eat pork. Nevertheless the rules still prohibit it. All religions have similar rules that people are expected to follow even though they no longer make any sense.

The last big criticism of religion is the lack of tolerance that most religions show. While most religions teach the love of fellow man this apparently does not apply to those of different faiths. There have been many wars and other atrocities over the years because of religious belief. Even if we usually don’t go that far in most cases there is still a lack of tolerance that has a negative effect on society. This has turned a lot of people off of religion while at the same time leading others to take a more fundamentalist approach. The result is that there is now a lot of conflict between people of different faiths.

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