Republic of Kanata: The Winnipeg Proclamation of Independence and Articles of the Constitution of The Federated Republic of Kanata


Republic of Kanata: The Winnipeg Proclamation of Independence establishing the Federated Republic of Kanata; and

Articles of the Constitution of The Federated Republic of Kanata

Colin Sullivan, Acting Secretary for the Provisional Council, Winnipeg.

The Winnipeg Proclamation of Independence establishing the Federated Republic of Kanata

Issued in Constitutional Convention, and Read and Promulgated on the Thirty First Day of October, 2014 on the land of the Two Rivers

We know it to be self-evident that all men and women are created equal, and are endowed with an unalienable life, liberty and sovereignty to love and protect one another, their children and the Earth, free of oppression, violence and tyranny.

We know and establish that when any system of government is destructive to this condition and purpose, it is the natural right and duty of free men and women to throw off any legal, political and mental shackles and allegiances, and create among themselves just and free associations, and a social order established to safeguard their sacred lives and liberties.

Therefore, We, the sovereign and freeborn men and women of the land of Kanata, as the source of all authority and law, and with a solemn respect to the obligations bestowed upon us by creation and by right of Natural Law, do hereby command this Proclamation be promulgated to all men, women and persons who presently occupy our sovereign land:

We state as a fact beyond dispute that for centuries, a predatory foreign power calling itself the Crown of England in alliance with its corporate sponsor and ally, the Church of Rome, has imposed itself as a warring occupation force on our peoples and the land.

This force has raped and drained our lands of their vast wealth and vitality, waged cruel and unprovoked wars of extermination against our nations, murdered the innocent, imposed fraudulent laws and taxes, subverted our liberties, stolen and destroyed our children, and kept us in a state of colonial dependency and impoverishment.

These crimes are attested not only by the continuation of these evils to the present day, but by centuries of proof of a deliberate intent by these foreign powers to falsely claim and steal the lands and lives of the original inhabitants of Kanata.

These false claims were made under the genocidal doctrine of Terra Nullius and other concepts found within the Papal Bulls Romanus Pontifex and Inter Catera, which fraudulently nullified the existence and lawful status of any non-catholic people. This fraud continued throughout all subsequent papal statutes and Crown of England impositions that formed the so-called Dominion of Canada in 1867, including such genocidal laws as the Indian Act which have murdered millions of our original inhabitants.

As the natural liberties of all these indigenous peoples have never been lawfully ceded or extinguished, the Crown and the Vatican have habitually dishonoured and violated Due Process of Law and the Law of Nations, and consequently, their claims to authority and jurisdiction within the lands of Kanata have no basis in law or fact. This is especially made true by the continued imposition of such fraudulent rule in “Canada” through the illegitimate courts established under so-called Canon and Admiralty law: courts that have no lawful or binding jurisdiction in our nations.

The criminal nature of these twin foreign powers is further attested by the successful conviction of the Crown of England and the Vatican, and their top officers, for Crimes against Humanity during the year 2013, in a Common Law Court of Justice established on our territories under international law.

As convicted criminal bodies whose heads – the Queen of England and the Pope in Rome – are now fugitives from justice under standing citizen arrest warrants, neither the Crown nor the Vatican have any claim whatsoever to our allegiance or obedience. Indeed, to obey or acknowledge these convicted felons is to commit a crime and to violate both the laws of man and of God.

By demonstrating only bad faith and duplicity in their dealings with all of our different peoples, Church and State in “Canada” have vitiated and nullified all treaties, laws and agreements established under their so-called reign. These institutions have in fact lost any right to legitimately govern or exist, and both of these powers must be actively repudiated, disestablished and replaced by all just men and women who stand under the law of Nature and its Common Law.

Secondly, we state as a fact beyond dispute that the same Crown and Vatican along with their chartered companies and agents have imposed the same regime of fraud and oppression on the settler European populations who immigrated to this land, denying them the Rule of Law and responsible government in order to dispossess these populations of their liberties and lands, and to steal the wealth of the nation for a self-governing oligarchy: an oppression that continues to the present day.

Twice in our history, in 1837 and 1885, Canadian patriots under Papineau, Mackenzie and Riel fought valiantly but unsuccessfully to unseat the oligarchs of church, Crown and high finance and establish a self-governing Republic in which every man and woman was sovereign. The defeat of these patriots allowed a colonial regime to corrupt the hopes of our nations and impose a regime of genocide on our lands. We stand in the tradition of these Republican patriots, and acknowledge that we are carrying to conclusion their dreams and program of an egalitarian and sovereign Republic of Kanata for all of its peoples.

As heirs to an empire of conquest, Canadian Church and State have consistently violated the Right of Jus Cogens (fundamental justice) in relation to indigenous and settler populations by deliberately instituting proven genocide, mass murder, warfare, child trafficking, enslavement, fraud and mischief, land theft, kidnapping and destruction of property and culture. These crimes violently abrogated not only the basic Magna Carta liberties of European settlers but the treaties already in place between the Crown-Church and indigenous nations, thereby violating Pacta sunt Servanda (the necessity to keep agreements). This violation clearly invalidated all of those subsequent instruments that the Crown and the Vatican have relied on to legitimate their conquest and continued occupation of the lands and lives of our peoples.

Is it any wonder that this same tyrannical regime has shown a similar contempt and disregard towards the land and its creatures, ravaging and despoiling them for its own profit and that of foreign corporate interests?

Thirdly, and because of these facts, we utterly reject the claim that the present form of law and government in “Canada” represents in any way a free society, founded and sustained as it is by fraud, tyranny and arbitrary foreign rule. Canadian “democracy” is in practice a sham that employs the outward forms of freedom while denying the substance of a truly lawful and equitable society.

The law in our country is a corrupt, judge-ruled system serving the selfish interests of the Crown and its corporate benefactors, whose greed has required such corrupting of the operation of the law by denying just or speedy remedy and relief for the majority of Canadians. The law in fact is a tool in the hands of the wealthy that operates to evade and deny justice, while entangling ordinary people in irresolvable and expensive litigation overseen by a self-governing and unaccountable judiciary.

These judicial wrongs are the legacy of a clique-ridden colonialism designed to perpetrate minority rule: the same reign that continues to deny justice to indigenous people for their deliberate genocide by church and state, and to enable the massive, institutionalized rape and trafficking of our children.

It is undeniable that by their status as the sworn agents of this criminal regime known as the Crown of England and its Monarch, Canadian police officers, judges, soldiers, civil servants and Members of Parliament are all colluding in a criminal conspiracy, at the behest of a convicted criminal body. As agents of what is clearly a rogue power under international law, these public officials are obligated by their Oath of Allegiance to the Crown to serve a foreign criminal, not the people of Canada. Consequently, every aspect of “official” Canadian society constitutes an unlawful and destructive war against our lands and liberties, and thereby is and will always remain our enemy until these criminals and agents stand down or are removed from their offices.

For these undeniable reasons, there exists no institutional remedy for the warfare and oppression inflicting our peoples, as bitter experience has proven. The cure for the sickness called Canada must be invented from the ground up, within the roots of the Common Law that binds all free people.

Let it be known, then, that because of these indisputable facts, the time has now come to nullify and dissolve the crime of Church and State in our land by establishing a free, responsible and self-governing society on our soil. The historical moment has arrived to create for the first time a Federated Republic of Equals from among all our separate nations, as men and women who freely consent to covenant and associate according to Common Law and Due Process.

That sovereign Republic is Kanata.

In this purpose, we acknowledge that all free and sovereign people must dwell within a community that safeguards the well being and liberty of each of its members, and not according to class or special privilege. We therefore proclaim that all of the lands and the oceans and their wealth within our Republic are not the property of any individual or group, but belong equally to all of the people, and are held in common by the people as a visible sign that the Natural Law of Peace and Equality is honoured and safeguarded.

Upon this Pronouncement, warranted by our sovereignty and Right of Claim as free men and women, upon Necessity, We the People invoke the considered judgement of the law and the blessing of our common Creation, by hereby proclaiming the establishment of the Sovereign and Federated Republic of Kanata, which henceforth and forever has sole legitimate authority and lawful jurisdiction over the lands and seas formerly known as the “Dominion of Canada”.

Accordingly, and by this Proclamation, we hereby sever now and forever all ties and allegiances to the Crown of England and to the Vatican, we disestablish and nullify their authority over us, and we extinguish any allegiance or service owed to these powers. Sic temper tyrannis! Thus is the fate of all tyrants!

In Witness Thereof, We pledge our mutual lives and our sacred honour, and have hereunto set our hands and signatures and caused to be established the Seal of the Federated Republic of Kanata as a Free Society on the Land, under customary land law jurisdiction. The Constitution of our Republic and this Proclamation are ratified and in effect as of today, Friday, October 31, 2014.

Done and Duly Registered as a Public Proclamation within the registry of the Common Law Court of Justice based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on this Thirty First Day of October in the year 2014, by We, the Provisional Council of the Federated Republic of Kanata, on the traditional lands of the Cree, Metis and Anishinabe Nations and European settlers:

(signed and dated)
Articles of the Constitution of The Federated Republic of Kanata

Article One – Foundation
This Proclamation and Charter establishing Kanata as a constitutionally sovereign Republic and Nation shall be effective as of 12:01 am on Friday, October 31, 2014.

Article Two – Sovereignty
All ties and allegiance between the Crown of England and the people of our nations are hereby and forever dissolved as of October 31, 2014. The Dominion of Canada, its courts and government, and the Office of the Governor-General are hereby abolished, and the Oath of Allegiance to the Queen and the Crown of England is annulled.

Article Three – Criminality of the Crown
The Queen of England, Elizabeth Windsor, her descendents, successors and agents, and all pretenders to or holders of the office of the so-called British Monarchy, are declared to be the public enemies of the people of Kanata, are banned from our nation, and are subject to immediate arrest and trial if they enter the territory of the Republic of Kanata.

Article Four – Criminality of the Vatican
The Bishop of Rome and his agents, and all holders of the Office of Supreme Pontiff of the Church of Rome and of the Vatican College of Cardinals, are declared to be the public enemies of the people of Kanata, are banned from our nations, and are subject to immediate arrest and trial if they enter the territory of the Republic of Kanata.

Article Five – Nullification of the Crown and Admiralty/Canon Law
All previous treaties, statutes, acts, agreements and other declarations establishing the alleged supremacy of the Crown and the Church of England and the Church of Rome over the territory known as Canada are forever cancelled and declared null and void. So-called Admiralty and Canon Law are henceforth and forever inoperative and without authority or jurisdiction in Kanata.

Article Six – Supremacy of the Republic
The Federated Republic of Kanata is hereby and forever established as the sole, lawful and legitimate authority over the lands and seas formerly known as the Dominion of Canada, and has absolute jurisdiction over these territories and their peoples. Those lands formerly designated as “crown land”, as well as “clergy reserves”, and properties and land occupied by the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and United Church of Canada, and all lands held by foreign speculators or “agents of the Crown”, do hereby and forever become the common property of the people of Kanata.

Article Seven – Indigenous Sovereignty
The sovereignty of all indigenous nations within the Federated Republic of Kanata is hereby recognized and safeguarded as part of a constitutionally-enshrined union of separate nations. The Indian Act, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, so-called First Nations treaties, and state funded “aboriginal organizations”, as well as all other vestiges of colonialism, are hereby and forever abolished.
Once lawfully established in their own right, any indigenous nation either join the Republic or stay outside such a Union, and may lawfully secede from the Republic of Kanata at any time, if such succession is approved unanimously and consensually by all of its members who are sixteen years and older. Such a separated nation will then constitute a federated territory within the Republic of Kanata, although the Republic will retain lawful and sovereign jurisdiction over the lands and resources of the separated nation. The bounty of these resources will be shared equitably within the indigenous nations. The latter will enjoy full autonomy in a “home rule” arrangement within the Federated Republic, but shall enact no laws or customs at odds with Common Law, due process or the liberties and articles of this Constitution.

Article Eight – Inherent Liberties
All citizens of the Republic of Kanata are born and endowed with inherent, unalienable liberties under Natural Law which cannot be restricted, abrogated, denied or abolished by any authority, statute or power. These liberties are not limited by the act of defining them, and include but are not restricted to the following:
– freedom of thought, speech and expression
– freedom of conscience and religion, and freedom from religion
– freedom of the press and publication
– freedom to organize politically and to form political parties and movements
– freedom of dissent, civil disobedience and non-cooperation with the law and government according to one’s conscience and the provisions of the Common Law
– the right to fair, equal, speedy and responsive treatment before the law
– the constitutional and unalienable right to a trial by jury under the common law
– the right to bear arms and defend oneself and one’s family against arbitrary, cruel or unjust treatment, including from agents of the government
– the right to be free from fear, harassment, discrimination and exploitation
– the right to free and unrestricted movement
– the right to life itself, through the free and unrestricted access to all of life’s essentials, including healthy food and water, quality medical care, education at every level, public transportation, decent housing and fair, sustaining and meaningful employment

Article Nine – Governmental Structure
The government of the Republic of Kanata shall consist of a Congress of Delegates and a Council of Indigenous Nations. The Congress of Delegates is the general Legislative Assembly of all of the people of Kanata, and is the supreme governmental authority. It is elected by free, universal and secret ballot every two years by all citizens sixteen years and older, without conditions or qualifications. The Council of Indigenous Nations is a consultative body to the Congress established to safeguard the traditional rights and customs of indigenous nations, and has the power to formulate and introduce legislation for approval by the Congress. The Council is elected by free, universal and secret ballot every two years by all indigenous people sixteen years and older, without conditions or qualifications. The Congress must obtain the unanimous approval of the Council before approving any legislation that effects indigenous people.

Article Ten – Office of President
The government of Kanata shall also consist of an office of President, who is elected every four years by all citizens who are sixteen years and older. The President has executive authority including over the armed forces of the Republic, but has no veto power over the legislative or judicial arms of government, which are separate and inviolable. The President may be impeached or censured by a unanimous vote of both the Congress and the Indigenous Council.

Article Eleven – Universal Franchise
Every citizen of the Republic who is sixteen years and older may without restriction vote in any election and run for any political or judicial office. Voting will elect delegates to both the Congress and Indigenous Council on a proportional representative basis.

Article Twelve – Recallability of Officials
Any elected public official of the Republic, including the President and every member of the Congress and the Indigenous Council, is subject to immediate recall and removal by the unanimous consent of the voters who elected him or her. Any unelected civil servant or other state official may be removed from his or her office by the unanimous decision of the Congress and the Council, or by the President’s Office with the consent of the Congress and Council.
All elected and unelected officials of the government of Kanata shall receive an income no greater than the average or median income of the citizenry, and shall receive no special benefits, privileges or immunities, whether financial, legal or diplomatic.

Article Thirteen – Judiciary
The judicial arm of the government of Kanata shall consist of three levels of courts:
a) local, popularly elected “common law community courts” which may be established by twelve or more citizens to adjudicate any civil or criminal matter; b) Appeals courts, and c) a Supreme Court of the Republic.
Every level of the judiciary shall operate according to the principles and norms of the Common Law. All judges shall elected by the general populace from a field of qualified candidates, and are subject to the will of the people in general, and the decisions of common law juries within court.
The basis of all legality in Kanata is the Common Law and the trial by jury system, founded on Natural Justice and Equity. No other legal system is recognized or authorized within Kanata. Municipal peace keeping officers and court and district sheriffs shall be elected by the people every two years and are subject to recall. Sheriffs stand under the authority of the local community and not the central government.

Article Fourteen – Balance of Power
The decisions of the Executive arm of the government of Kanata shall be subject to the consent of Congress of Delegates and the Council of Indigenous Nations sitting in joint session, and the decisions of both the Executive and Legislative arms are subject to the review and rulings of the Supreme Court of the Republic, which may nullify or amend government legislation and Executive decisions.

Article Fifteen – Public Nature and Ownership of Lands and Resources
The lands, seas and all their natural resources, including all water, within the territory of the Republic belong to all the people of Kanata, and are held in trust through cooperatives owned either by the State or the local community. The land and the sea cannot be bought, sold, mortgaged, rented, leased, speculated in or in any way alienated from their natural condition as a free resource accessible to all. Water is declared to be a free and non-commercial essential necessity and a public service that may not be bought or sold, or otherwise alienated from humanity. Wind, solar, tidal and other safe energy sources shall replace the nuclear, uranium, oil and fossil fuel industries, which shall be expropriated without compensation and phased out of existence.

Article Sixteen – Public Nature and Ownership of Finances
All of the money supply, banks, credit and financial institutions are nationalized, and established as publicly owned services under the control and direction of the State and of the local community. All banking debts, interest rates and mortgages are cancelled, and a general moratorium is declared on all personal and private debts.
Income tax is abolished. Taxes shall be levied according to the wealth created, and assessed on a graduated scale according to income or ability to pay. A 100% tax is imposed on all wealth gained by inheritance, interest and speculation. All back taxes owed by the wealthy and corporations shall be immediately collected, if necessary by the seizure of their property and assets.

Article Seventeen – Economic Sovereignty and Freedom
Foreign ownership of the economy is abolished. No non-citizen may own, buy, lease, sell, rent, mortgage, speculate in or otherwise influence any sector of the economy. Local production, exchange and trading networks shall be established and encouraged to phase out money and the market economy, and to keep economic power and decision-making in the hands of the people.
All basic industries and services, including the media, are nationalized, and will operate under public ownership and democratic citizens’ control and self-management. Works Councils elected by all employees shall operate and oversee all industries, businesses and services, and shall hold final authority over all corporate decisions in consultation with Congress Delegates and the Office of the President.
All citizens of the Republic sixteen years and older shall receive a guaranteed annual income commensurate with their basic needs. All medical and dental services, education at all levels, housing and transportation are nationalized, and are provided universally and free of charge to all citizens. Child rearing is a community responsibility organized collectively but overseen by biological parents, who will be guaranteed free, universal and quality child care from infancy to puberty.

Article Eighteen – Agriculture and Farming
The Republic of Kanata shall fulfill the historic hope of its ancestors by providing up to two hundred hectares of free agricultural land for any citizen wishing to pursue farming. The State shall protect and support such farms through tariff protection, subsidies and a fair and regulated exchange system for agricultural produce that serves the farmer and consumer, under community control. Ecologically sound agricultural practices devoid of petro-chemicals and pollutants will be established by law. The sale, use and importation of genetically modified organisms and crops derived therefrom, and of dangerous chemicals and pesticides, will be legally banned and prohibited anywhere within Kanata. Diversified agriculture geared to local consumption will be encouraged.
To facilitate such a grassroots, ecologically sound agricultural movement, all agribusinesses and factory farms shall be nationalized and their lands distributed equitably to small farmers. Communal farms shall be encouraged and subsidized, and local family farming will be protected from incursion. All destruction of agricultural land shall be halted immediately through strict zoning laws and green belts guaranteeing food growing land, and through the creation of local agricultural land reserves. To facilitate this land preservation movement and prohibit land speculation, all private reality companies will be abolished and replaced by locally elected land management committees.

Article Nineteen – Separation of Church and State: A Just and Secular Society
Church and State are strictly separated. All the lands, buildings and other property belonging to church corporations larger than single congregations shall be nationalized. All tax exemptions to religious bodies are nullified, and churches will be taxed like any other corporation.
All clergy are considered citizens who are obligated to uphold and protect the Common Law of Kanata and its courts, and cannot hold allegiance to or obey the laws of foreign churches or the Church of Rome or its affiliates. Churches may operate freely but may not influence the government. No funding will be provided by any level of government to any religious denomination or to their schools. Religious schools may operate on an individual basis but will receive no special immunities or privileges.
To overcome the crippling legacy of genocide and religious imperialism, all foreign based churches are banned from Kanata. The diplomatic recognition of the Vatican and the Church of Rome is terminated, and the catholic Papal Nuncio is expelled from Kanata. All other treaties, benefits and financial agreements and concordats with the Church of Rome are annulled. Because of their criminal status as agents of conquest and genocide, the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and United Church of Canada shall be legally disestablished, and their lands, assets, properties and resources shall be forfeited and seized by the State as reparations for their centuries of theft, fraud and other crimes against the peoples of Kanata.

Article Twenty – Diplomatic and Geo-political Independence; The Armed Forces and Popular Militia
The Republic of Kanata shall enter into no foreign alliances or military coalitions, and rejects all forms of secret diplomacy. Kanata shall withdraw from NATO and NORAD, and from the international arms trade. Kanata shall also withdraw from all international corporate agencies such as the WTO, World Bank and IMF. All foreign debts to international banks and other corporations shall be cancelled.
All citizens of Kanata of both sexes between the ages of sixteen and thirty years of age shall for a period of no less than two years serve in a popular militia known as The Army of the Republic of Kanata (ARK), which shall replace the standing military forces of Canada. The existing military shall be screened for political loyalty and its remnants incorporated into the ARK under the oversight of Congressional Delegates, and shall be administered the Oath of Allegiance to the Republic. All officers of the ARK shall be elected and recallable by the soldiery. The ARK shall be governed by an elected Supreme Military Council consisting equally of soldiers and officers, and overseen by Congressional Delegates. Additional local militias formed from the armed citizenry may be lawfully established with the oversight of Congressional Delegates.

Article Twenty One – Constitutional Amendments
The Congress, meeting in joint session with the Indigenous Council, may with unanimous consent draft, debate and establish Amendments to this Constitution on the basis of public emergencies and political consensus.
Pledge of Allegiance to the Federated Republic of Kanata

I (name), hereby and forever sever all ties and allegiance to the Crown of England and to the British monarch and his or her descendents, to the government known as the Dominion of Canada, and to any other authority.

I do solemnly pledge true allegiance to the sovereign Federated Republic of Kanata and to the Common Law and Liberty upon which it rests. I swear to establish and defend the Republic against all of its enemies, whether foreign or domestic.

I pledge to stand in solidarity with all those who swear this Oath and to defend them unconditionally. I take this pledge freely, without coercion, mental reservation, or ulterior motive, according to my honour and liberty as a freeborn man or woman.
Signed and dated

This Oath and the Articles of the Republic of Kanata are established with full lawful and legal authority wherever they are made public or proclaimed anywhere in the territories of the former “Dominion of Canada”.

Kevin Annett: Pope Francis, Jesuit Head, Canterbury guilty of child genocide. Kanata Launched

Published on 19 Jul 2014
Kevin Annett: Child genocide guilty verdicts for Pope Francis, Jesuit General, Archbishop Canterbury. Republic of Kanata announced
Vancouver, BC — In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, ITCCS field Secretary Kevin Annett announced the final verdict of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels, convicting Pope Francis, Jesuit General General “guilty as charged of aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, including murder and human trafficking, and of personal involvement in those crimes.” The Final Judgment of the Common Law Court is below, along with an exclusive report by Kevin Annett on “Who’s really behind child trafficking? Following the big money across the globe.”

Republic of Kanata: The Winnipeg Proclamation of Independence establishing the Federated Republic of Kanata and Articles of the Constitution of The Federated Republic of Kanata

In his interview, Kevin Annett also discussed Constitutional Convention planned for October 27-31, 2014 in Winnipeg, Manitoba to establish the Republic of Kanata as one positive outgrowth of the ongoing Common Law Court of Justice trials and verdicts against the Crown of England, Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches, and Government of Canada.


Kevin Annett: Child genocide guilty verdicts for Pope Francis, Jesuit General, Archbishop Canterbury. Republic of Kanata announced…

Republic of Kanata: The Winnipeg Proclamation of Independence and Articles of the Constitution of The Federated Republic of Kanata…

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