New World Pope Francis – Analysis of Statements and Events


published on  July 12, 2014


Before beginning our analysis on a few aspects of Francis I papacy, it is our desire to explain that the objective of this article is not to attack, insult or slander the Head of the Catholic Church whatsoever. This page is not meant to spread hatred towards this Pope (or anyone else) but to rather raise questions and alertness through the use of true information in a spirit of peace. Further, you will notice that the analysis is reinforced by Holy Scriptures and also by the Words of Jesus given to Maria Divine Mercy in current ongoing prophecies in which the authors find to be accurate and believe in.


pope francis false prophet working crowdsIn this time of confusion, the Ark of the Covenant seems to be lost in the midst of mighty winds and agitated waters in an ocean of contradictions and statements of unclear nature (see some statements in The New World Pope – Media Sensation).
For now, let’s analyze some additional material in the attempt to build a realistic profile based on evidence and deep understanding without the use of any prophecies.

In the two following quotes, we are told by “the prophet” Pope Francis what the Church of Jesus Christ must become according to his personal preference and views.




I prefer a Church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it’s been out on the streets, rather than a Church which is unhealthy from being confined and clinging to its own security
Pope Francis I – November 26, 2013

I can clearly see that what the Church needs today is the ability to heal wounds and warm the hearts of faithful, it needs to be by their side. I see the Church as a field hospital after a battle. It’s pointless to ask a seriously injured patient whether his cholesterol or blood sugar levels are high! It’s his wounds that need to be healed. The rest we can talk about later. Now we must think about treating those wounds. And we need to start from the bottom.
Pope Francis I – August 29, 2013 Continue reading “New World Pope Francis – Analysis of Statements and Events”

Holy Money


Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 10 PM ET/PT

Holy Money investigates the financial scandals that have rocked the Catholic Church and the efforts of the new Pope Francis to clean up its multi-billion-dollar business dealings amid allegations of money laundering, corruption and embezzlement of funds.

Today, the Pope leads a church with more than one billion Catholics but also a business empire of global dimensions. The Catholic Church is the world’s richest religious institution with vast real estate holdings and its own Vatican Bank.

Pope Francis has made it his mission to get the Vatican’s financial house in order but there are stumbling blocks on the road to his newly announced reforms and the stakes are sky high for everyone involved.

Led by University College London Historian John Dickie, a leading expert in Italian history, the documentary deconstructs the mechanisms by which the Church administers and invests its money. It reveals the inner workings of the Vatican Bank, and tells the story of a priest known as Father 500 Euros, charged in January, 2014 with money laundering millions of Euros through Vatican Bank accounts. Continue reading “Holy Money”

The craziest financial schemes that the Vatican Bank tried to cover up

Stephanie Yang

Feb. 27, 2015, 12:58 PM


From running on donations to becoming an international holding company, the Catholic Church’s financial past is littered with secrets.

So much that author Gerald Posner wrote hundreds of pages chronicling the institution’s financial scandals in his new book, God’s Bankers.

A little history:

Years ago, the Vatican financed its operations with donations and indulgences, free passes for sins in exchange for money. In the early days, the Vatican made little effort to keep track of finances, which meant the institution was rife with extravagant spending and embezzlement.

After teetering on the edge of bankruptcy several times, the Vatican appointed Bernardino Nogara as its new financial advisor in 1929, who straightened out the church’s finances and grew a $92 million investment from Benito Mussolini into almost $1 billion. Continue reading “The craziest financial schemes that the Vatican Bank tried to cover up”

Tapsell analyzes the international priest-sex-abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church (REVIEW ESSAY)


By Thomas Farrell
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From Will the Catholic Church open the doors to changes?

Will the Catholic Church face the truth about their cimes and open the door to change?
(image by jemasmith) License DMCA

Duluth, Minnesota (OpEdNews) May 31, 2015: Because the news media gravitate toward sensationalistic stories, the news media have amply covered the international priest-sex-abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church. On the one hand, the scandal involved certain abusive Roman Catholic priests as the perpetrators of the alleged abuse. On the other hand, the scandal involved the priest-perpetrators’ Roman Catholic bishops as their enablers of the alleged abuse.

To help us better understand how the international priest-sex-abuse scandal developed in the Roman Catholic Church, the retired Australian lawyer and judge Kieran Tapsell researched and wrote the book POTPHAR’S WIFE: THE VATICAN’S SECRET AND CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE (2014). He was a seminarian for the priesthood as a young man, at which time he studied the church’s canon law. He centers his attention on the crucial role that the church’s canon law played in contributing to the church’s world-wide priest-sex-abuse scandal. Continue reading “Tapsell analyzes the international priest-sex-abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church (REVIEW ESSAY)”

Obama, Pope Francis Lying And Dictating To America – Obey, Pay And Worship The Earth, Altar Boys


UFP News


Mass manipulation [pun intended] of the uneducated and misinformed as well as a wretched abuse of power will be on display for all the world to see as the Marxist agitator disguised as a religious leader, Pope Francis, acts in a most blatantly inappropriate political manner. In league with his communist comrade Hussein Obama, Francis will soon issue an edict intended to force the United States into global wealth redistribution and the first official steps towards submission to a global government under the United Nations.

A report by AP warns us to expect attacks through all of the customary religious methodologies – prayer vigils, pilgrimages, policy briefings, seminars and sermons, anything that will serve to stir emotion over reason, allowing the false teachings of Francis to increase pressure against the United States to submit to his global extortion.

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Vatican had a billion euros off the books

The hidden assets were reported by the first financial statements to be released under new rules

Under new reporting procedures that are more in line with international accounting standards, the Holy See has reported €1 billion in net assets that had never been reported before and in a consolidated form.

The Vatican’s final figures for 2014 also showed a continued budget deficit on the part of the Roman Curia and nearly double the profits brought in by entities falling under the separate Vatican City State budget.

In fact, the profits coming from the Vatican Museums, “cultural activities” and investments offset the deficit in the consolidated budgets of the Roman Curia and Vatican communications outlets to help the Vatican end the year €38 million euros in the black.

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Stoppt die Milliarden für die Kirche!

„Es geht ihnen nicht um Recht oder Moral, um Glauben oder Seelenheil. Es geht nur ums Geld.“ (Ein Kirchenrechtler zu Regensburg digital 22.9.12)

Einbauschränke für 350.000 Euro, 783.000 Euro für einen überschaubaren Garten oder 100.000 Euro für die Aufhängung eines Adventskranzes? Spätestens als solche Zahlen aus dem Bistum Lim- burg im Herbst 2013 von der Boulevardpresse ge- nüsslich zerpflückt wurden, war klar: Die Kirche in Deutschland hat ein Problem: ein Geldproblem. Das aber nicht, wie bei der Mehrzahl der Bundes- bürger, darin besteht, dass sie zuwenig davon hätte, nein, im Gegenteil: Sie hat offenbar viel zu viel davon gehortet, und das auch noch geschickt versteckt in verschiedensten grauen Kassen. Schon bald wurde nicht nur klar, dass die Bischofsresi- denz in Limburg für 30 bis 40 Millionen Euro kein Einzelfall ist. Sondern auch, dass darüber hinaus noch immer riesige Geldbeträge vom Staat an die steinreichen Kirchen gezahlt werden. „Staatsleistungen“ ist das Stichwort, das jetzt immer wieder in den Medien zu hören und zu lesen ist. Doch es zeigte sich auch: Der Informationsstand der Öf- fentlichkeit bleibt bei diesem Thema – der Einfluss der Kirchen auf die Massenmedien lässt grüßen – bisher noch weit hinter den Tatsachen zurück. Und zwar sowohl was das Ausmaß dieses ständi- gen warmen Geldregens für die Kirchen angeht, als auch die historische Herkunft und die realen Lösungswege dieses Skandals. Denn es ist ein Skandal, dass ein demokratischer Staat jährlich Milliardenbeträge für Institutionen ausgibt, die ihrerseits längst im Geld baden – auch ohne De- signer-Badewannen in bischöflichen Residenzen.