Obama, Pope Francis Lying And Dictating To America – Obey, Pay And Worship The Earth, Altar Boys


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Mass manipulation [pun intended] of the uneducated and misinformed as well as a wretched abuse of power will be on display for all the world to see as the Marxist agitator disguised as a religious leader, Pope Francis, acts in a most blatantly inappropriate political manner. In league with his communist comrade Hussein Obama, Francis will soon issue an edict intended to force the United States into global wealth redistribution and the first official steps towards submission to a global government under the United Nations.

A report by AP warns us to expect attacks through all of the customary religious methodologies – prayer vigils, pilgrimages, policy briefings, seminars and sermons, anything that will serve to stir emotion over reason, allowing the false teachings of Francis to increase pressure against the United States to submit to his global extortion.

Francis, who is apparently fancies himself to be as qualified in climate science and meteorology as he is in theology, is busily preparing an encyclical for release the end of June. It will be a brainwashing document disguised as a teaching tool, intended to persuade the world that man, not God, controls the Earth and that we have the power and must act to prevent nature from doing what it has done since time began, changing on its own.
Purchasing atonement through the UN, in combination with moving into Marxist concentration camps and relinquishing our wealth should be enough to satisfy the sacrificial demands of the blood thirsty and vengeful “Mother Earth.” If it’s not, Pope Francis and his buddy Barry will surely let us know.
We can expect there to be little reliance upon science in the document, as to include anything other than the hysterical alarmist claims of the United Nations, the IPCC and other similar organizations, the benefactors of his propaganda, would be self-defeating.
It’s ironic that the leader of the Catholic Church is promoting the godless ideology of Marxism, which puts Catholics in a situation not unlike that of the American people with Obama, that of having a predatory threat somehow maneuvered into a position of leadership.
One Vatican operative engaged in prepping the naïvely willing and mentally pliable is Patrick Carolan, the executive director of something called the Franciscan Action Network. No relation to Al Sharpton’s similarly titled organization is claimed, but there are fanatical similarities and the method of operation seems to be identical. Carolan could hardly contain his excitement, saying, “This is such a powerful moment. We’re asking ourselves, `What would be the best way for us to support the faith community in getting this out and using it as a call to action?’”
The type of action that Carolan is obviously referencing would be total compliance with the dictates of Pope Francis by the evil capitalists who have abused the Earth in their self-serving exploitation of its riches. The fact that every nation is envious of our former success and seeking to emulate us in no way diminishes our evil nature. We weren’t successful through hard work or thought, only through our wanton Earth-raping.
That compliance will surely include reparations to the rest of the world. They will be paid, naturally, through the UN, with a healthy portion undoubtedly already earmarked for the Vatican coffers. They’ll then distribute it through their network of Catholic charities and churches, enhancing their own authority and importance while doing absolutely nothing about the climate or to alleviate a non-existent threat. The hypocrisy is worth noting, that the “holy” Pope has no problem with misleading the world and maligning the good, hard-working and generous people of America in the pursuit of greater Church and personal wealth and power. Weren’t there some commandments or something else that addressed that type of thing?
As his comrade in corruption and fellow Marxist wealth redistributor, Hussein Obama, would and has said on innumerable occasions, parasitically feeding off of the carcass of America is “the right thing to do.”
Stoking the anti-American fervor in preparation for the Agenda 21 compliant propaganda dump, Nancy Tuchman, the director of the Institute of Environmental Sustainability at Loyola University Chicago is quoted by AP as saying, “People are really putting a lot of weight on this. I think the real hope is that he says it like it is and tells us there has to be a call to action and it has to be immediate.”
She’ll have to choose one or the other. Either he’ll tell it like it is and announce that it’s all a fraud and a power grab, or he’ll perpetuate the lie and give her the call to immediate submission that she’s looking for. She can’t have it both ways, but the truth isn’t important in this debate. Alarmism is the key and they haven’t gone to all of the trouble to fabricate the false “science” just to let it go unused. The foundation of the document was written by UN climate change operatives, so there is no doubt as to the nature of the content.
The timing is not in doubt as well. There will be a push in September, another opportunity for Congress to join with the regime in usurping the American people as self-governing sovereigns. Francis will address the UN, and will predictably amaze all who hear his words, including atheist liberals and Marxists, with his wisdom and responsiveness. It’s been predictable since the day this whole charade was first announced.
As it turns out, Patrick Carolan is no objective Catholic, randomly picked to by AP to interview. He’s also a representative of what would more accurately be described as the “Church of Climatology,” who was one of forty Catholic leaders who attended a meeting in Rome earlier this month to plot their scheme. They call their conspiracy the Global Catholic Climate Movement. It is described by the AP in their article as including “organizations representing religious orders, church aid agencies, Catholic social justice advocates and others.” Church aid agencies are open palmed money movers and any social justice advocates are thinly-veiled socialists or communists of one variety or another.
Not everyone is childishly following the Pied Piper Pope’s tune to feed at the UN’s global government trough. AP reports that “The Heartland Institute, a conservative Chicago-based think-tank that sent a team to Rome last month to try to talk some sense and reason into the Pope, warning him of the UN’s climate change agenda, says it is building relationships with Catholic leaders and planning to distribute reports on sustainable development and challenges to climate science to a Catholic audience.”
Sustainable development is how the UN describes its world government outline under Agenda 21, implemented through climate falsehoods. It is their document and those are their words, directed specifically towards enslaving the world under their authoritarian control.
The Pope surely knows this so one must ask why he is in league with those who seek to enslave the world under Soviet style domination. Does he represent good or evil? He cannot deny the reality of whose agenda his is furthering so his motives are fair game. Is he also an atheist? What motivation could a legitimate Pope possibly have for the enslavement of presently free people under godless Marxism?
Partially exposing the true motivation behind this push, Pablo Canziani, an atmospheric physicist working with Pope Francis’ native Argentina’s bishops conference said, “The big issue here is that environmental issues are not just about science but about ethics and moral values.”
So it’s not about controlling the climate, which is beyond the ability of man but sadly not beyond man’s arrogance, but about “social justice,” the redistribution of American wealth to the world and American submission to the UN.
Further revealing the true impetus behind the push, Lou Leonard, a World Wildlife Fund vice president who specializes in climate change issues said, “The social justice aspect, and the way climate change is going to affect the poor and underprivileged and less privileged – that’s not the first thing people think about when they think about climate change. For those who see this primarily as an issue of polar bears or other impact on species – which is all really important – this is an opportunity to say this is as much a human issue as anything else.”
The truth is the planet has always gone through cycles and man is not God. Even a man in a pointy hat with some really spiffy robes is still just a man. In this case, the character of that man needs some serious scrutiny. He’s lying to the world, which calls into question how he was able to get his job in the first place but more relevantly, how is he keeping it and who is he dictating to anyone, let alone the non-Catholics of America.
He might get away with this nonsense in the third world where people will receive what was stolen from America, benefiting from his subversivness and believe his lies but it won’t fly in America. A large percentage of Americans know better and many of us recognize a charlatan when we see one. The fact that this one wraps himself in religion is not unique, but it does make his treachery much more unsettling.
Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit http://www.rickwells.us. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it. And if you have the time, check out for more posts here.

Read more at http://universalfreepress.com/obama-pope-francis-lying-and-dictating-to-america-obey-pay-and-worship-the-earth-altar-boys/


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