Catholic Charities, Scam In World

How many of you have received a call from Catholic Charities asking for you to donate money? How many of you have donated?

I for one would love to see the Catholic Charities shut down, and everyone running it put in jail for life. It’s the biggest scam in the world. They “claim” that they use the money they get to help the poor and needy. That’s a huge lie.

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Catholic Church ‘knew’ about crimes of paedophile priest but did nothing for four decades, court hears


By Lucy Carter
Updated 21 Nov 2016

A Supreme Court justice has ordered that lawyers for the Catholic Church and two women suing it over their alleged child sexual abuse attempt to settle the case outside court.

Two sisters, known for legal reasons as LG and MG, are suing both the estate of the late Maitland-Newcastle Bishop Leo Clarke — who was in charge at the time of the alleged crimes — as well as trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.

The sisters were allegedly sexually abused by Father Denis McAlinden in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Is the Vatican an Evil Organization?

With over a Billion adherents and growing, the Catholic Church is an immensely powerful institution. As an organization that claims to represent God and do good, it has tremendous potential to create positive change. Yet, the Catholic Church has a long history of supporting evil and continues to cause tremendous suffering while doing little real good.

Mass Delusion

Catholics choose to selectively ignore the many past and present sins of the church. They ignore the fact that so many priests are child molesters and that church policy not only enabled abuse of children but consistently protected and even rewarded pedophile priests.

Catholics ignore the fact that the catholic ban on birth control has ensured that tens of millions of unwanted children live unimaginable lives of deprivation and grow up (those that survive) to prey upon the societies that forsake them.

The millions of preventable cases of AIDS caused by Vatican policy of avoiding condoms also goes ignored.

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Part 3 of 3
Extracted from Nexus Magazine
Volume 14, Number 3
(April – May 2007)


Pope Julius II, “Warrior of Rome”

The papacy continued on its way into degeneracy with no parallel in the history of world religion, and that brings us to another militaristic and disbelieving pope. He was Giuliano della Rovere (1443-1513) and he called himself Julius II (1503-13). He fought and intrigued like a worldly prince and was famous for his long and bloody wars. He was constantly in the field leading his army, firmly convinced of the rightness of his frightful battles. He led his Catholic troops into combat dressed in full armor and at one stage was almost captured.

Florentine-born Francesco Guicciardini (1483-1540), the ablest historian of the time and papal governor of Modena and Reggio, remarked that Julius II had nothing of the priest but the name, writing that he was “…a soldier in a cassock; he drank and swore heavily as he led his troops; he was willful, coarse, bad-tempered and difficult to manage. He would ride his horse up the Lateran stairs to his papal bedroom and tether it at the door” (Istoria d’Italia [“History of Italy”], Francesco Guicciardini, 1537, 1832 ed.; quoted in A History of the Popes, Dr Joseph McCabe, C. A. Watts & Co., London, 1939, vol. 2, ch. viii, “The Inevitable Reformation”).



by Tony Bushby
from NexusMagazine Website

The Criminal History of the Papacy
Part 2 of 3
Extracted from Nexus Magazine
Volume 14, Number 2
(February – March 2007)


Tony Bushby, an Australian, became a businessman and entrepreneur early in his adult life. He established a magazine-publishing business and spent 20 years researching, writing and publishing his own magazines, primarily for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

With strong spiritual beliefs and an interest in metaphysical subjects, Tony has developed long relationships with many associations and societies throughout the world that have assisted his research by making their archives available. He is the author of The Bible Fraud (2001; reviewed in NEXUS 8/06 with extracts in NEXUS 9/01—03), The Secret in the Bible (2003; reviewed in 11/02, with extract, “Ancient Cities under the Sands of Giza”, in 11/03) and The Crucifixion of Truth (2005; reviewed in 12/02).

As Tony Bushby vigorously protects his privacy, any correspondence should be sent to him care of NEXUS Magazine, PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia, fax +61 (7) 5442 9381.


Many of the popes of the 13th to 16th centuries continued the criminal, bloodthirsty and debauched lifestyles of their corrupt predecessors and reached new depths of depravity that the modern Church is keen to keep hidden.


We are still in the late 12th and early 13th centuries and now expand upon the life of Pope Innocent III (1198-1216), whom many Catholics exalt above all others and regard as one of the chief constructive forces in the development of European civilization. When he was elected in 1198, he demanded an oath of allegiance to himself, as pope, from the prefect, who represented the Holy Roman Emperor, and the senators, who represented the Roman people.


The Criminal History of the Papacy

Extracted from Nexus Magazine
Volume 14, Number 1
(December 2006 – January 2007)
The papal office has an unparalleled record of corruption and criminality over the centuries, and the true history of the popes is one of scandals, cruelty, debauchery, reigns of terror, warfare and moral depravity.
Author’s Note:
Some of the dates for the popes and events in papal history are estimates; even the Church admits as much. The dates were further complicated by the changes made to the Julian calendar by Pope Gregory XIII (pope 1572—85) in 1582.

Most Catholics go through life and never hear a word of reproach for any pope or member of the clergy. Yet the recorded history of the lives of the clerical hierarchy bears no resemblance to its modern-day portrayal, and the true stories of the popes in particular are among the most misrepresented in religious history.

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The Vatican Has Never REALLY Apologised For Any Of Its Crimes, And Neither Will It For The Goan Inquisition


Aravindan Neelakandan, Dec 04, 2016

All that it has ever done for its crimes, is try and pin the blame outside and cleverly portray itself as not guilty

When it comes to ‘apologising’ for genocides, which it either directly instigated or facilitated through tactical support, Vatican is a conjurer adept in sleight of words and institutions. You are made to believe that Vatican has changed; that the Vatican has apologised but then you go through what has been actually said officially and by whom, and you realise that nothing has changed.

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Vatican ‘accepted one billion lire’ to bury crime boss in basilica next to former popes

Michael Day, 29 April 2012

Remains to be moved in attempt to stem rumours of murdered girl hidden in crypt

Vatican ‘accepted one billion lire’ to bury crime boss in basilica next to former popes

The Vatican is facing a deepening controversy over the burial 22 years ago of a notorious crime boss, with reports emerging that the church accepted a one billion lire (£407,000) payment from the mobster’s widow to allow his interment in a basilica.

A source at the Holy See told the Ansa news agency that “despite initial reluctance” the then vicar-general of Rome, Cardinal Ugo Poletti, “in the face of such a conspicuous sum, gave his blessing” to the controversial interment of Enrico De Pedis, the former boss of Rome’s notorious Magliana gang. The money was reportedly used on missions and to restore the Basilica of St Apollinare, where the mobster was laid to rest next to popes and cardinals after his death in 1990.

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Vatican City: True Financial Crime and Murder


THE BLOG 11/09/2012

By Janet Tavakoll

Those who believe we don’t need smart and effective crime-stopping financial regulation have only to look at the smallest independent city-state in the world, Vatican City. The tiny oligarchy is surrounded by Italy and ruled by the Pope. It also has its own bank. If you can’t trust the Vatican Bank, whom can you trust? The answer is no one. At least not without proper controls and consequences for wrongdoing in this lifetime.

A Murder, a “Suicide” and Bank Collapses

Roberto Calvi, chairman of Milan-based Banco Ambrosiano, was found hanging by the neck under Blackfriars Bridge in London in June of 1982. Banco Ambrosiano had just collapsed, and London authorities deemed his suspicious death a suicide.

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Vatican mole left secret messages hidden in confession box in Renaissance church in Rome

The Telegraph

By Nick Squires, rome


Secret notes hidden in a confession box in a Renaissance church in Rome fed information about Vatican intrigue to a woman who was convicted of leaking confidential information about the Holy See, a new book has revealed.

The book, published on Tuesday, has been written by Francesca Chaouqui, a public relations consultant who was hired by the Vatican to sit on a papal commission into economic reform.

In the first big scandal to hit the papacy of Pope Francis, Ms Chaouqui was put on trial for leaking documents to two Italian journalists who subsequently wrote best-selling books about corruption, infighting and skullduggery inside the tiny city state.

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