Vaticangate scandal catholic church



A member of a group advising Pope Francis on how to root out sex abuse in the Catholic Church has quit citing resistance within the Vatican.

Marie Collins, an Irish woman who is herself a survivor of clerical abuse, said the special commission had suffered constant setbacks, “despite the Pope approving all its recommendations”.

“There are still men in the heart of the church, in the Curia, in Rome, in the administration of the church, who put other considerations before working with in cooperation with the Commission on the protection of minors,” said Marie Collins.

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Italian man awarded 15,000 euros after affair between wife and Catholic priest

The Telegraph


Josephine McKenna, in Rome

An Italian priest has been forced to resign after a Rome court ordered his alleged lover to pay her estranged husband 15,000 euros (£13,400) for depression he suffered over their affair.

The court ruling came at the end of a five-year trial and is the latest in a string of sex scandals to rock the Catholic Church in Italy.

Father Vito Isacchi, the priest named in the court case, tendered his resignation in the archdiocese of L’Aquila on Tuesday after news of the court ruling was made public.

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