The IRA, the Catholic Church & Big Lies

The IRA, the Catholic Church & Big Lies

Northern nationalism has entered a moral ice-age largely ushered in by Gerry Adams’ strategy.

Lies – Very Big Lies – are the order of the day and all who wish to be northern nationalists must lie and be complicit in lies, even the Catholic church.


The Father of Lies opining to David Blevins

The Biggest Lie of All is Gerry’s lie that he was never a member of the IRA – FFS Gerry, you as good as told David Blevins on Sky television that you would come clean at last if you got a promise of immunity – not for you the prison years that were the fate of the lower orders of republicanism – the thousands of IRA volunteers who spent a total of thousands of years in prisons for murders and bombings and for the Big Lie of a United Ireland or Bust.

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Catholic Church ‘sorry’ but yet to contact priest sex abuse victims



Moore was jailed for nine years

The Catholic Church in Scotland has apologised to two victims of a priest jailed for sexual abuse but is yet to contact them.
Father Paul Moore committed the crimes in Ayrshire between 1977 and 1996.
Two of his victims, Paul Smyth and Andi Lavery, went public with their stories after waiving their right to anonymity.
The church has now apologised to both men, and all abuse victims, after Moore was sentenced to nine years in prison, but has not been in touch with them.
Father Tom Boyle told the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme the police investigation process meant church officials had not previously known the identity of anyone involved in the Moore case.


Victim Paul Smyth says church claims that no-one knew his identity are “blatant lies”


His comments come despite victim Paul Smyth making allegations in a number of BBC interviews stretching back to 2013.

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Katholische Kirche : Tausende Fälle von Kindesmissbrauch in Australien


Seit 1950 sind in der katholischen Kirche von Australien mindestens 4.440 Kinder sexuell missbraucht worden. Hilfe erhielten die Betroffenen in den seltensten Fällen.

Protest gegen sexuellen Missbrauch in der katholischen Kirche © Alessandro Bianchi/ReutersIn Australien sind im Zeitraum von 1950 bis 2009 insgesamt 4.440 Kinder in katholischen Orden und von Priestern missbraucht worden. Das geht aus einer Erhebung der nationalen Missbrauchskommission hervor. Demnach sind in den Orden bis zu 40 Prozent der Mitglieder betroffen. Bei den Priestern sollen rund sieben Prozent in Fälle von sexuellem Kindesmissbrauch verwickelt gewesen sein.

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Why the Cardinal Pell Case Has Been So Secretive



Cardinal George Pell leaving the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday. Cardinal Pell, the Vatican’s No. 3 official, is on leave to face charges of “historical sexual offenses.” Credit Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican’s third-highest-ranking official, will stand trial on several charges of sexual abuse from multiple complainants, an Australian court ruled on Tuesday.

The slow-moving case — charges were filed in June — has been a test of both Australia’s justice system and the Vatican’s efforts to hold clerics accountable after decades of abuse scandals.

It is occurring in a country where where defamation law favors plaintiffs, where criminal law protects defendants more than it does in many other countries, and where a number of legal standards restrict reporters’ ability to publish information related to criminal cases.

Here’s a guide to why many of the details of Cardinal Pell’s case may remain obscured, and to what we know about the cardinal and the case so far.

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Analysis: What’s behind a sex scandal in the Italian Church


Rome, Italy, Mar 10, 2018 / 05:04 pm (CNA).- The recent outing of gay priests by a male prostitute has shocked the Italian Church and prompted several dioceses to address the issue of homosexual activity among their clergy.

Francesco Mangiacapra, a former lawyer who works as a prostitute, announced recently that in late February he forwarded to the Regional Ecclesiastical Tribunal of Campania a detailed record of his meetings and conversations with 34 priests and 6 seminarians.

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Pope Francis wowed the world but, five years on, is in troubled waters



He entered office on a wave of energy but, as discontent grows over his attitude to abuse scandals, Francis faces opposition on all sides
Pope Francis is greeted by schoolchildren during an audience at the Vatican
Pope Francis is greeted by schoolchildren during an audience at the Vatican. Photograph: AP

Chatham House is one of the most important foreign affairs thinktanks in the UK. But on Wednesday its focus will not be a president, or an organisation like the World Bank, or the future of the EU after Brexit, but a religious leader: Pope Francis. And it will be the third time in recent weeks that Britain has turned its attention to the pope.

Two weeks ago, the Foreign Office-sponsored thinktank Wilton Park took delegates to the Vatican to meet the pope and discuss violent religious extremism, while last week the Metropolitan police commissioner, Cressida Dick, was in Rome to talk with Francis about modern slavery.

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