Lawsuit against Roman Catholic Church

David – non-governmental human rights organization

Zagreb, Croatia


in the name of millions of the oppressed, deceived, tortured, murdered, robbed as well as those sexually, mentally and physically abused




Lawsuit for the act of deception and conspiracy


For the first time in history states (nations) with Catholic majority

have been sent a well-argued lawsuit pointing to what – the Catholic Church in fact is (not).

For centuries the Catholic Church has succeeded in persuading, that is to say deceiving the world by false impersonation that it is the only one which has been entrusted with the leadership of mankind. Sometimes justice is slow – in this case this slowness (injustice) has lasted for centuries – but it is always sure.

The Catholic Church has consciously been practicing the greatest deception ever used on the Earth. Its consequences are historically unfathomable for the whole world as well as for many people!


If that deception had not been practiced, today the world would look different; freer, gentler, fairer, lighter, spiritually wealthier. Nations would be mutual friends, not enemies. People would be happier and healthier.


Justice and the truth are mills that cannot be halted permanently

or turned to make the mill wheel turn backwards, the same as river flow cannot be returned to its source.

For centuries mankind has been persuaded (and so is today!)

that a world view is the same as our conscience. The truth is that conscience is the entrance-hall of the truth, and a world view is the entrance-hall of demagogy or ideology.


We would like to believe that the conscience of many people – the inner feeling for the truth – is above their world view. Conscience and the truth are our innate qualities, while a world view is imposed on us from outside. Conscience neither imposes anything nor judges anybody. A world view is full of orders and prohibitions!


It is up to you – to support the Lawsuit taking the side of those demanding freedom of conscience and freedom of thinking, or not and thus help the Catholic Church to cover up the deception and sexual abuse of children.


Give some thought to many people who had to give their lives for the message of the truth.


Go to link of Lawsuit – it is up to You how youˈll react!!!


At the end of the text of this suit there is a list of the states and numerous human rights organizations this suit has been sent to.


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