The Commandement “You Shall not Kill” And World Religions

Edi Maurer

A large part of mankind still feels that it more or less belongs to a religious orientation, most people, to one of the five major world religions: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity or Judaism. Many members of religions trust their respective religious leaders. They believe their priests. Consciously or unconsciously, traditions and rituals shape their lives.

Let’s just take the commandment: »You shall not kill,« which is surely known to every one and which is generally acknowledged among all nations and all religious orientations. Despite the clear statement that man should not take the life of another being, this commandment is understood very differently in the various cultural circles. Why is this so? Let’s explore the question: What did the original teachings of the just-mentioned religions say? Is the content still being taught and passed on in the same way today as it originally sounded? Or was it perhaps changed or even falsified over the centuries? DVD by

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