David – nongovernmental human rights organization the name of millions of the oppressed, deceived, tortured, murdered, robbed SUES THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, HEADQUATERED IN THE VATICAN

The lawsuit is based on the admission by the three most recent popes of the crimes and evils against humans and peoples committed by the Roman Catholic Church throughout history up to the present moment.  

This letter will be sent to the international institutions which in the world represent a morally ethical equivalent of rightfulness, truth and justice to raise their voice and publicly condemn and sanction (prohibit) the religious institution which has done a lot of evil throughout history and still does. 

European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg

International Criminal Court, The Hague

International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, Brussels

Regional human rights organizations:

Amnesty International, London

South East Europe Media Organization (SEEMO)

European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) 

Reporters without Borders (RSF)

European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF)

European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

Association of European Journalists (AEJ)

We are also informing the UN agencies related to human rights. 

This letter will also be sent to those who hold in their hands the instruments for sanctioning human rights violations – 104 states of the world:

their parliaments, heads of state and prime ministers, legal and judicial institutions – (Ministries of Justice), especially in the states with Catholic majority, and which are directly responsible for their citizens.

We are notifying the following about the lawsuit: voice of the general public i.e. public media which can and should, if they want to, help to find and spread the real truth. Some countries with a Catholic minority will be also notified about the lawsuit. 

At the end of the document there is a list of the states and human rights organization to which the lawsuit has been sent. 


• We accuse the Catholic Church – the Holy See on the seven criminal counts for the evils and crimes committed, as admitted by the Supreme Pontiff, Pope John Paul II. 

• We accuse the Catholic Church – the Holy See for the evils and crimes committed, as admitted by the Supreme Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI.

• We accuse the Catholic Church – the Holy See for the evils and crimes committed, as admitted by Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis.

Argumentation for lawsuit:

Remark: The three popes, when they were asking for forgiveness, used the word “SIN” instead the real terms: “evil” and “crime” – because it obviously looks and sounds better and soothing for the observers’ eyes and ears. 

Evils and crimes committed by the Church, as admitted by the Supreme Pontiff, Pope John Paul II:

On March 12th 2000, on a special occasion held on Ash Wednesday in Saint Peter’s Basilica, attended by the diplomatic missions accredited to the Holy See, Pope John Paul II encouraged everyone to confess all their sins and asked for forgiveness in a general sense. Then he asked for forgiveness of the sins committed by the Church or in its name in the 1970 years of the Church history.

The Church begs for God’s forgiveness for the sins of all believers: 

“Let us confess our responsibilities as Christians for the evils of today. Facing atheism, religious indifference, secularism, ethical relativism, the violations of the right to life, disregard for the poor in many countries, we must ask ourselves what our responsibilities are”, said the Pope. 

„Let us forgive and ask for forgiveness!“, said the Pope to the mass gathered in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica. “Let us ask pardon for the divisions which have occurred among Christians, for the violence some have used in the service of the truth and for the distrustful and hostile attitudes sometimes taken towards the followers of other religions.“

After that, five Vatican cardinals and two bishops confessed seven particular sins on behalf of the Church. All the evils and crimes committed by the Church in the two past millennia were included in the confession. Then he asked for God’s forgiveness. 

Seven particular sins the Pope asked for forgiveness for are: intolerance of dissidents and violence against them, religious wars, the Crusades, the sins that have caused division among Christians, the sin of antisemitism and the failure to oppose the Holocaust, the sins of forced conversion in North and South America and other places, the sins of enslavement and social inequalities. After that the five cardinals and the two bishops cited particular sins (evils and crimes) committed by the Church and on behalf of the Church:

• Intolerance, acts of violence and oppression during the Crusades and the Inquisition – this part includes religious wars, violence and oppression during the Crusades and violent methods used in the Inquisition. These sins (evils and crimes) were admitted in the first confession of the sins and Pope John Paul II spoke about them several times during his pontificate. 

• Divisions among Christians, i.e. excommunication, persecution, divisions. The Pope spoke several times about the divisions among Christians pointing out that precisely those divisions had caused the weakness of the Church. 

• Sins committed against the Jewish people – the sin of “silence” is the most frequently mentioned as the sin committed by the Church during the time of passing of racial laws and the Nazi and fascist persecutions of the Jews. 

• Sins against the peoples’ rights, human rights, other cultures, religions and faiths. This part is about the suffering of the peoples of North and South America after the continents were “discovered” by the European Catholics.

• Sins against women (accused of witchcraft), people and races. This part is about the periods in which people were enslaved and the Church did not oppose enslavement. The pope equated slave trade with the Nazi massacres. 

• Sins against individuals and sins that have caused social injustice. The Church does not do much about demanding justice for all. There cannot be justice only for the rich, there has to be justice for the poor too. This is about contemporary sins. 

Evils and crimes committed by the Church, as admitted by the Supreme Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI:

On June 11th 2010 at Mass in St. Peter’s Square Pope Benedict XVI asked for forgiveness the victims of sexual assaults committed by priests.  

After the serial sexual crimes in Ireland had been publicly revealed, Pope Benedict XVI diagnosed the problem in his “Letter to the Catholics of Ireland” on March 19th. According to the letter one of the elements that “gave rise to the present crisis“ is „a tendency in society to favor the clergy and other authoritative figures; and a misplaced concern for the reputation of the Church and the avoidance of scandals.“

June 2010, VATICAN – at Mass on Friday Pope Benedict XVI asked for forgiveness God and the victims, especially the children that had been sexually molested by priests.

In 2010 Pope Benedict XVI paid lip service to the rehabilitation of the victims and the critics of clerical sexual crimes.

He said that he regretted the violation of children’s rights in the Church.

Evils and crimes committed by the Church, as admitted by the Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis:

In a letter on April 11th, 2018 to the bishops of Chile, Pope Francis officially asked for forgiveness for all the cases of clerical sexual abuse of children and their cover-up. 

Since the beginning of his pontificate in 2013 in his public speeches and meetings Pope Francis has repeatedly asked for forgiveness in the name of the Church: victims of sexual abuse and molesting in the Church, members of Protestant churches, indigenous peoples, members of LGBT community… all those who the Church offended and is still offending by defending its teachings.

On April 11th 2014 Pope Francis asked for forgiveness for the damage done to children by pedophile priests.

On October 23rd 2014 Pope Francis addressed a group of lawyers, representatives of the International Association of Penal Law that were in his private audience, advocating the abolition of the death penalty in the world and proclaimed that the death penalty is inhumane.

However, the official position of the Church on the death penalty has not changed since then. More precisely, the Church has always allowed and applied capital punishment. 

For example, Giovanni Battista Bugatti was the official executioner of the death penalty for the Papal States from 1796 to 1865. He served the Papal State for a long period of time and he got the nickname Maestro Titta, Roman corruption of Maestro de Giustizia, or Maestro of the Juistice. Pope Pio IX retired him at the age of 85 and his monthly pension was 30 scudas. 


Pope Francis proclaimed that the death penalty was inhumane and by that he admitted that his Church had been inhumane – a dungeon of religious coercion.


Pope Francis has asked for forgiveness for the role played by some members of his Church who succumbed to ethnic hatred and violence that led to mass slaughter. Almost 800, 000 members of Tutsi minority and moderate Hutu majority were killed in the 1994 Rwanda genocide. 


Murders, slaughter and religious weapon blessing ceremonies are deep-rooted tradition of the Catholic Church.


Preparing to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation at the beginning of 2017, the pope asked Protestants and other Christian churches for forgiveness for past persecution by Catholics as well as for disrespect of the personality of Martin Luther. Indeed, for disregard of sisterhood with non-Catholic churches and friendship with other religions even today.

On another occasion while visiting the Waldensians, the followers of a French Christian movement, he asked them for forgiveness for centennial brutal persecution and murders, which were initiated already in 12th century by pope Innocent III.

In Bolivia he asked for forgiveness for crimes committed by the Church during colonialism, and on a visit to a long-time marginalized Mexican indigenous people, he asked them for forgiveness for having being excluded by the Church because of their religion.

“Some considered your values, culture and traditions to be inferior, while others intoxicated by power and money stole your land. How sad this is! And we can learn so much from you!”

In April 2015 Pope Francis asked for forgiveness for the persecution of Calvinists. “On behalf of the Catholic Church, I ask for forgiveness for all the un-gospel like behaviour, and even inhumane attitudes and behaviour towards you during history. Forgive us in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”


It was not Jesus Christ who committed all those evils and crimes, He taught peace, freedom, tolerance, love and justice! 


On January 26th 2016 at an evening Mass service in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, attended by representatives of other religions, the Pope asked for „forgiveness for unevangelical behaviour of Catholics toward Christians and other churches.“

(In June 2016) on his way back from Armenia to Rome Pope Francis told the journalists that we, Catholics and other Christians, should not only apologize to the people of the LGBT community, but also ask God for forgiveness for the ways we discriminate against them, marginalize them and show animosity toward them. This is not about homosexuality but about tolerating other peopleˈs thinking and feeling. 

(In June 2016) Pope Francis asked people gathered for a regular Wednesday Papal Audience in St. Peterˈs Square in Rome for forgiveness for the sex scandal among priests in the Vatican during the Synod of Bishops on the Family pastoral care.

(June 2015) “In the name of the Catholic Church, I am asking for forgiveness for all the un-gospel like behaviour, and even inhumane attitudes and behaviour toward you during history. Forgive us in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”


This is the most obvious proof that Church authorities have always framed God and Christ for their misdeeds thus shifting the Church blame onto them.


(March 2018) the Pope asked for forgiveness women forced to prostitution blaming Catholics for crime against humanity. Pope Francis visited the women brought to Italy as slaves who were forced into selling their bodies to avoid being tortured, mutilated or murdered. The Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church asked for forgiveness in the name of all Catholics who have sexual intercourse with prostitutes blaming them for the crime against humanity because in that way Catholics enable torture, slavery and spreading of moral sickness.


Neither a pope nor all the cardinals and bishops with all their supporters and learned strategists, no matter how much they try, can they remove the crime of deception from the committed evil deeds and crimes. 


(5th February 2019) Pope Francis admitted that the priests and bishops of the Catholic Church have sexually abused nuns, and in one case they have even been kept as sexual slaves.

It was already in 2018. that The Associated Press warned about the rape of nuns by priests.

AP ran a story on cases of nun sexual abuse reported in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia, which showed the problem to be global, all encompassing, due to nunsˈ lower status in Church and their subordination to men who lead it. Lately nuns have gone public with accusations of sexual abuse. The victims said that for years Church leaders have done nothing to stop the coercion, not even after a comprehensive report on the problem in Africa was reported to Vatican in the 90s.

(Vatican, 21st – 24th of February) Pope Francis closed his anti-abuse summit, attended by 190 bishops, delivering a speech in which he accused Satan for clerical sexual abuse of children.

What did the Pope and about 200 Church dignitaries present at the summit offer the world:

⁃ that abuse should never take placeˈ

⁃ the Pope relativized the evil deeds committed by the Church saying that similar things used to happen in some other cultures where human sacrifices were offered, particularly children, sacrificed in pagan cults.

⁃ that some members of the clergy turned into an instrument in Satanˈs hands.

⁃ The summit messages of the pope and the Church dignitaries horrified the victims all over the world! Those messages are horrifying for countless victims, for anyone who is just a bit honest and moral! Do not forget that this evil has been happening for centuries, and has come to light only now – for compensation! Instead of compensation and trying the participators – the participators are trying unknown criminals – satans – and many of those culpable of the evil deeds remain in the bosom of their “patroness – Mother Church”, without 

         culpability and sanctions.

Short review of forgiveness prayers by three popes

• The sheer act of the three most recent Pontiffs seeking forgiveness for crimes committed by the Catholic Church is definitely positive and welcome. However, the question is if that is enough. Judging by its wording it seems that the forgiveness was asked for the perpetrators of the crimes rather than for those who had instigated those deeds, took advantage of them and had been their main strategists. It is crystal clear that the forgiveness was sought only for appearances sake in order to create the impression of repentance for the evil deeds and escape the blame for the crimes.

• To ask for forgiveness and truly repent – are the seekers of forgiveness not required to sincerely question and look at – what evil deeds they have been doing and why as well as how they have taken advantage of those deeds and done harm to others. Are they not required to look into the causes of such behaviour and their evil deeds. In addition, it is required to admit the cause of such behaviour by the act of public repentance and seeking forgiveness, in the process to promise to really remove the causes and finally to undertake that.

• Seeking forgiveness and the sheer act of repentance imply morally that everything someone has taken advantage of, by which they acquired material or other privileges at the cost of society or individuals, the damage suffered, should be compensated for.

• Since we are talking about a religious institution, which has always claimed and still does that “they have been doing everything in the name of God and Christ”, seeking forgiveness would be a moral act of admission that they have always misused divine teachings by substituting them with their Catholic teachings. The result of the sincere repentance and seeking forgiveness of the three popes should be their recantation of Catholic teachings as well as acceptance and practice of the teachings they pay lip service to – Godˈs teachings, which are totally contrary to Catholic teachings. 

Unfortunately, such real seeking forgiveness and repentance of a Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church has not been seen or heard and it is not likely to ever be. 

Forgiveness asked for in such a way and repentance would require the clergy to follow Jesusˈ serving people. That would mean living and earning their living as Jesus of Nazareth did (as a carpenter), and preaching (which means setting an example) the Ten Commandments through Moses and Jesusˈ Sermon on the Mount. That would mean – not being above people, but in the service of people. That would mean not living at the cost of their believers and unbelievers. Such seeking forgiveness and repentance for all the evil deeds which they perpetrated and those that they still perpetrate daily would mean giving up their riches, a life of affluence, high reputation and using the peopleˈs money from state budgets. It would mean serving God and people loyally!

 Argumentation for lawsuit

The Catholic Church is guilty of centennial deception of its believers and the whole world by false impersonation, which is the main cause of evil and crime throughout its history up to the present day. It is primarily this false impersonation that the Supreme Pontiffs of the Catholic Church should have shown repentance for and sought forgiveness for. Their main guilt lies in their claim that they are the advocates of Christˈs teachings. However, many texts from the Bible itself, which they always cite, are the proof that our claim about their deception is true. 

In many places (see the Appendix) the words of Jesus of Nazareth testify to our claim about the misuse of His teachings by the Catholic Church for private gain. Catholic teachings and their doctrines have nothing to do with Godˈs teachings, i.e. with the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth!

The Catholic Churchˈs misuse of state institutions to its own advantage, its reputation and power acquired by deception, its manipulation of its believers, unbelievers and other citizens in societies where it operates clearly show its self-interest. It means that by lies and deception the Catholic Church misuses all the state logistics to its own advantage. A part of it is also their worldwide false presentation of “their highly moral principles” under the name of God and Jesus Christ.

The true Christian teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were substituted with Catholic “Christian” teachings, which are totally contrary to Jesusˈ teachings. To claim this does not require you to have high theological, philosophical or some other education. Jesus Himself said: “My teachings are the teachings of our Heavenly Father and not those of highly learned Pharisees – they are the teachings of the heart, which can be understood by anyone regardless of their education.”


Everybody can verify the heavenly messages and the Churchˈs messages and decide who he will trust – there is one truth! 


It is not even written in the Bible that Jesus gave instructions and advice to establish the priesthood. 

It is not written anywhere that Jesus of Nazareth spoke about cults, dogmas, sacraments, Church precepts. Dogmas are statements about some beliefs of Catholic religion and they are also religious obligations. Church precepts are the rules of Church life – also obligations.

Jesusˈ teachings tell people quite the contrary – He brought Godˈs teachings whose basic premise is “free will”. It means that in Godˈs teachings there is no coercion and no commandment “you must” – but only “you shall”. Jesus said – follow Me, He did not say – follow the clergy. He did not teach that crimes and murders should be committed in His name and in Godˈs name in order to defend His teachings. 

Jesus of Nazareth did not speak about a god who punishes and threatens the disobedient with Hell as do Catholic teachings about a cruel god in their precepts, the Canon law and the Old Testament. Jesus spoke about another God, Father, who loves all his children.

Further, Jesus never spoke about the mysteries of faith taught by the Catholic Church, which passes off its own secrets as divine secrets in order to manipulate people more easily. What does the Vatican Church hide in the Secret Archives and why are the Archives secret? Should the truth need secret archives? Do not this hiding and keeping secrets from the people and the world show us that the Church keeps a secret about itself and its operations because the truth about its false impersonation would compromise it. 

The whole world is quite familiar with the crime-burdened Catholic Church of yesterday and today. Many were persecuted, many killed

– prisons, torture – one personal misfortune after another and many victims` families were left permanently traumatized. The evil deeds of the Church system extend from ancient times, over the Middle Ages until nowadays. All that was imposed by the cast of priests in the name of

God and Christ! Clerical organisations have shown all their cruelty, which is incomprehensible to normal people! Unfortunately, this cruelty is present still today. Countless cases of sexual abuse of children (scandals over sexual abuse of boys and girls as well as sexual and other kinds of abuse of women) perpetrated by the clergy

have horrified the whole world.

The world was left horrified and in disbelief witnessed high priests trying to cover it up thus enabling a large number of Church officials of lower as well as high ranks to remain unpunished. And all that is happening continuously.

There is almost no week or month in the Catholic Church somewhere in the world without financial crime, business crime, corruption or crime against humanity. The most interesting in all that, however, is that the Church has protected itself from the state – unlike the other citizens, it is not bound by the rules of the state where it operates. It publicly calls everybody in society to moral accountability, while neither commenting nor sanctioning is allowed for immoral conduct within its own ranks. The Catholic Church has placed itself on a pedestal of Divinity, i.e. above the people, the State, the law – even above God!

The three popes of our time have admitted to all its evil deeds and crimes and it will never be possible to disprove that. Nevertheless, this Church organization is held in high esteem in the world!

Despite its criminal past and the evil deeds it commits still today the Catholic Church officials present themselves as apostles of morality!

Those were some comparisons and information about occurrences which can be understood by anybody who tries to use their analytical mind. It was necessary to mention those short remarks to make

it possible to understand the lawsuit. Finally, all that will be authenticated by Jesusˈ statements, among the others His main,

the most important collection of sayings and teachings, which He brought to this world, the Sermon on the Mount, which the Catholic Church proclaimed to be Utopia and impossible to live according to in this time. (see Appendix)

Jesusˈ Godˈs teachings are not an ideology, but they are real guidelines for life, worthy of respect – given for all the people on the earth. Jesus did not ask anything in return for them or condition them: “He who wants them, let him take them. He who doesnˈt want them, let him leave them.” Consequently, free will for everybody! Jesus from Nazareth did not make a cult out of Himself and out of Godˈs teachings!

The teachings of the Catholic Church are an ideology based on the principles – divide, bind and rule. Regarding people, it is full of expectations, demands, conditions and forbidding.

In it there is no free will for an individual or for society.


This lawsuit is based on credible arguments, i.e. the confessions of the three 

most recent Popes, who have apologised in the name of the Catholic Church for the crimes committed against humanity, and which have manifested themselves in intolerance, incitement to hatred, persecution, oppression of people, violence and crime. In their apologies the Popes do not refer to such acts as “crime”, but simply call them ˝sin˝. In their apologies they fail to even mention the evil regimes they supported and actively collaborated with, as throughout their history they have always sided with those acting against humanity: slave owners, mediaeval inquisitors and crusaders, fascists (Hitler, Mussolini, Pavelić, Pinochet) and others. 

These Popes have admitted to the misdeeds that the institutional Catholic Church has committed throughout history and up to the present day, counting on the forgetful nature of people and their lack of interest. Although these evil deeds originated from the institution itself, the Church has skilfully blamed its misdeeds on God and Christ, which is why many people around the world now blame God and Christ for these evils. Unfortunately, the people of the Church still continue to commit evil deeds, and still keep apologising for them.   

After confessions of this magnitude, any other organisation would have been erased from the face of the Earth – and for lesser evils too! 

The whole world was delighted to accept this gesture of the Catholic Supreme Pontiffs that ˝had the courage˝ to seek forgiveness for the many misdeeds committed by the Church and its believers.  

However, is mere empathy enough? Is it enough to merely seek absolution, to wash one’s blood-stained hands, and then carry on as if nothing had ever happened? Is it enough to seek forgiveness to exculpate oneself from the responsibility of the thousands of men and women that were burned at the stake all over the world? Is it enough to merely apologise for all the monstrosities committed during the Crusades? Is it enough to merely seek forgiveness for all the evils that were committed against Jews and other peoples during World War Two? Is it enough to merely seek forgiveness for the sexual abuse of children and youth by the priesthood, whereas these priests remained unpunished and were simply transferred to another parish or country? Is it enough to merely apologise for all the millions of people around the world who were, in many different ways, abused by one single religion?  

Unfortunately, many Christians (and even non-Christians) forget or are unwilling to face the fact that all these atrocities were committed in the name of Christianity, God and Christ! Therefore, the Catholic Church has placed the blame for its misdeeds squarely on the shoulders of God and Christ! How is it possible for them to ask forgiveness from God when having admitted that all these misdeeds were, and are still being committed in His name and not in theirs, while the world generously accepts it all? How is it possible that God has forgiven them when they continue to practice their teachings under His name and continue to commit one evil deed after another? 

How is it possible that the people of this world, particularly heads of state, continue to tolerate this, and even come to a pope for audience, kiss his hands and stand meekly before him? 

Considering the dark and troubled history of his Church, how is it possible that Pope Francis gives a lecture to European heads of state in the European Parliament, and then receives applause and praise from them and the European public at large? It seems impossible – yet, as it seems, it is entirely possible!   

Whence this tolerance, unctuosity and fear before the heads of the Church? Bishops often theatrically like to say ˝We’re only human, and therefore we are fallible˝. Isn’t that hypocritical of them?   

Why do people shut their eyes and mouths before evil? Power and fear of the unknown are often the reason why people shut their eyes and mouths before the public and, unfortunately, before themselves.   

It is not by virtue of its work that this religious institution has managed to survive throughout history and get rich, but only due to manipulation and theft. In doing so, it has gained power and become the state religion, which allows it to influence many events in states where the majority of the population is Catholic, as well as events all over the world. The Catholic Church is one of the richest and most powerful states in the world, and it directly and indirectly controls others.  

Jesus of Nazareth already denounced the religious authorities of His time, and publicly declared that their actions had nothing to do with God, which was why he was crucified! Jesus of Nazareth referred to religious leaders as ˝snakes and sons of vipers˝, ˝whitewashed tombs˝ that are beautiful only on the outside, but are filled with dead people’s bones and impurity on the inside. (p. 200)

This lawsuit is a matter of conscience for those who are aware of all this and keep their eyes and mouth shut about it! This is a matter of empathy and responsibility toward millions of its victims! This is a moral issue when it comes to individuals – particularly those at the top of the hierarchy of their states who tolerate all the evils emanating from the Church, pretending that nothing has ever happened, and that bad things are not still happening today. This is also an issue that concerns society and its institutions – those institutions that call themselves Christian. Countless other questions could be asked, but this is merely a lawsuit, and in it there is not enough room for millions and millions of pages that would reveal the indescribable suffering of millions of innocent victims. 

Certainly, we must not forget that throughout history many innocent people were abused and brutally tortured, among them some courageous and prominent individuals, both from the Church and society at large, as well as many God’s prophets, before everybody Jesus of Nazareth, the greatest prophet of all times; many of them ended their lives killed in a variety of inconceivable ways.

It bears repeating: they were killed under the leadership of the Church authorities (religious caste), which framed God and Jesus Christ for these monstrous and genocidal acts as well as for Church teachings, using their names in order to justify and extenuate Churchˈs actions. 

In this manner, does the Catholic Church not send the message that it is enough to simply apologize and seek forgiveness for violence and crime? It certainly appears that way!   

In this entire context of the information on inhumane actions of the Catholic Church, how to interpret its insistence on incorporating precisely the values of the Catholic Church into the fundamental values of the European Union!


The Catholic Church has violated all human rights by taking and concealing the information about the real truth in God’s messages to mankind from all those who seek true God.  


At the end of this lawsuit, the most important issues need to be highlighted once again:

The Catholic Church has managed to survive for almost twenty centuries thanks to its misuse of the divine teachings that were brought to Earth by Jesus of Nazareth. From these teachings it created the Catholic doctrine – declaring the main life teachings of the Sermon on the Mount to be utopian, i.e. impracticable in today’s circumstances, while interpreting the Ten Commandments and other principles of moral behaviour as they pleased (as it is still done today), in order to satisfy their own interests. The fact remains that God has nothing to do with any Churches or dark teachings that yielded a lot of pain and atrocities committed against mankind. No violence comes from God, He is above all religions! 

It also needs to be stressed that the Catholic Church has acted (it still acts) inhumanely and violently toward:  

women – sexual abuse, requiring women to be obedient and submissive to their spouses, not permitting women to minister in their churches; the Church fights against women’s rights and freedoms  

children (baptism, sexual abuse)

families – requiring believers to have their children baptized; after baptism claiming that children are the ownership of the Church up to the age of eighteen and cannot leave it 

dissenters – anathemising them as the opponents of the society in which they live (for example atheists, some non-Christian and Christian communities or political parties whose ideology it does not agree with, also civil society organisations that advocate freedom and human rights for all citizens).  

Please do not forget – all this is mentioned in the confessions of the three modern-day Popes.

Deception is the key point of the lawsuit – Catholic teachings are not God’s teachings!  

The greatest deception in the history of mankind is the misuse of God’s teachings by the Catholic Church for committing criminal deeds under the name of Christianity and Jesus Christ. Their reputation, privileges and wealth have been achieved by the use of God’s name. The time has come for all people with a feeling of moral and ethical responsibility to raise their voices, without the fear that Church authorities have been instilling for centuries with their threats of hell and damnation in the name of punishing ˝God and Christ˝. With this deception the Church has seduced and divided millions of people throughout history, and it continues to do so today! With this deception the Church has distanced countless people from God’s teachings, those who could not accept the Catholic christ and god. Finally, this deception brings shame upon the name of God and Christ.  

This deception is plain and simple fraud, one that only well-trained theologians have been capable of committing at the expense of unlearned, docile people for nearly 20 centuries. 

It particularly needs to be stressed that the Catholic Church has accumulated great wealth, but not by virtue of its work. This wealth was accumulated through theft, wars, seizure of property and other inhumane actions.  

Presenting itself to people as a representative of God, the Catholic Church has drained vast amounts of money from state budgets for centuries, and continues to do so today, all with the aim of funding its activities which it then sells to people. We are talking about the amounts of money in billions, which have through time turned into a tithe that has retained its meaning and binding nature to the present day.  

The agreements that the Catholic Church has concluded with many states around the world through manipulation and deceit (by presenting itself as the representative of God) should be immediately rendered null and void. Its wealth and money should immediately be confiscated and used for humane purposes, such as paying damages to all its victims.  

This also implies abolishing all the privileges currently enjoyed by the Church, such as abolishing religious education in schools, abolishing the Church education system, abolishing chaplaincy in the military and police, and prohibiting its participation in all public and state events.   

If God and Christ do exist, they are to blame because they deceived those who believe in them and the entire world. It is evident that the majority of the world’s population confirms the existence of God – the fact that there are over a billion Catholics proves this too. Has the time not come to re-examine – whom to trust?! The god of the Catholic Church or the God of the Universe? Has the time not come for us to examine what is taught by the Catholic Church, and what by Jesus of Nazareth?   

If God and Christ do not exist, the Catholic Church is yet again guilty of a grave deception, and is guilty of deceiving its believers and the entire world!  


Three Popes have admitted to the atrocities of their Church and merely apologised – while churchmen still continue to commit atrocities and merely apologise for them.


It is important to stress that this lawsuit is not directed against Catholic believers – everybody is entitled to believe what they wish and follow whatever religion they like, but then they are obliged to sign their own name under their deeds and their teachings – and not, as is the case here, the names of God and Christ.  

All those against whom this lawsuit is brought, who serve the people and the common good of all people in any capacity – will all have to, willy-nilly, face moral and ethical responsibility. Even if they fail to do anything and, as usual, remain silent, they must be aware that they are shouldering the blame, the joint responsibility as an accessory to all the crimes that the Catholic Church has committed and will commit in the future. Being aware of evil obliges us to speak – silence is not liberating! It is irrelevant who, which association, files this lawsuit – this is the lawsuit of all those who have been stripped of their rights, subjugated, brutally tortured (physically and mentally) and killed unscrupulously in unfathomable ways for centuries (and still today). The consequences of all this have given rise to hatred among people and nations, as well as constant war.  

The basis of God’s teachings is peace and love for all and toward everybody, without any boundaries, and it does not know of countless limitations that the Church has burdened people with.

Finally, it needs to be stressed once again: The atrocities that have happened, and which are still happening today, are not the deed of Jesus Christ – His message and teachings were that of peace and love. He did not bring an external religion (cults, processions, saints, veneration of the dead), but inner religion! His teachings – God’s teachings said: one people – God’s people. The Church twisted these teachings to suit its own purposes, supporting the creation of many peoples under the motto – peoples of the Church.  

It is true that ˝Christian˝ states have waged war against each other and slaughtered each other, and continue to do so today.

It is true that there are great differences between the Catholic view of peaceful life, and the view of peace as taught by Jesus of Nazareth!  

Who wants to check this information may easily do so by examining our appendix.  

Acting through its well-educated and highly-positioned strategists, the Catholic Church has convinced people and the world that the Church is in the process of adapting to the times we live in. In reality, it is using every effort to subjugate the world to its own interests through its centuries-old teachings according to which it is the centre of all events, not God. 


The Catholic Church is trying to conceal and relativize its history with all its might by blaming others for their crimes, while depicting the evils and crimes it has committed as sins.


How to interpret the fact that those who call themselves Christians do not appear to be interested in millions of people who have fallen victim to their Church in the past, and continue to fall victim today?  

What kind of God, Lord and Christ, co-ruler of the Heaven, would He be if He taught as the Catholic Church does? What kind of God would get rich at the expense of people? What kind of God would divide people into good and evil and prepare paradise for some and hell for others? What kind of God would this be – well, only the Catholic god!!! 


The Catholic Church has misused and betrayed the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Compare Jesus’ teachings with the teachings of the Church, and you’ll see the difference very clearly!  

Remark: Perhaps it may seem to someone that some facts are being repeated in the text of this lawsuit. Yes, this has been done on purpose – in order to emphasize these facts even more. Did these evils not repeat themselves as well, as they keep repeating themselves today? Millions of victims are screaming in order for their shrieks of pain to be heard, and their screams call those who have at least a bit of purity in their hearts left to raise their voices in the name of the victimsˈ suffering, pain and trampled dignity. 

In order to play down millions of victims of the Church, supporters of the Church compare this number to the number of victims of communist regimes. This speaks volumes about them – that they are not willing to examine the source of evil and terror to the people. Communist and other totalitarian regimes did not spring out of nowhere – they originated from those people who had hidden God from the people in order to further their interests on Earth. A victim of evil is a victim, full stop, and it does not need a common denominator such as an ideology or regime. Supporters of any kind of ideology or regime that commits any kind of evil are jointly responsible for this evil and are its advocates!





Comparison of God’s teachings as taught by Jesus of Nazareth with those taught by the Catholic Church, so that all who wish may see where the truth lies and where a lie is.



It should be stressed that God’s teachings, brought by Christ and many prophets, did not bring militarism, intolerance, violence and hatred to Earth throughout history up to the present day…on the contrary, they advocated completely different fundamental values, which the people of the Church rejected and adapted to their own interests for centuries. Instead of bringing people closer to God, the Church positioned itself between God and man…

It is not difficult to conclude what would have happened to the clergy if they had accepted God’s teachings, and what life on Earth would look like for mankind today. The teachings brought by Jesus of Nazareth were declared utopian and impracticable by the Church.

It is up to everyone individually to look into their hearts and use common sense to decide for themselves who was right – God or man.   

… In all aspects, God stands by every man, by all people of this world. God’s teachings brought the principle of unity, and they did not divide people into different nations; into the rich and the poor; into Catholics, Orthodox Christians or some other religions…  

… God spoke of the principle of equality among people – that all people are equal; he taught that everybody is connected to everybody – there is no more separation, and everybody is as responsible for others as they are responsible for themselves…

… He brought the principle of freedom teaching that a person becomes free when he lives according to God’s laws, and not the laws of people…He also said that a truly free person did not exert pressure on his neighbor, and did not force him into anything…also, according to God’s teachings, a free person never thinks or speaks evil of his neighbor, a free person has respect for himself, but also for his neigbor…

… He advocated living based on the principle of brotherhood which can be achieved by following the laws of – equality, freedom and unity… in which everybody feels jointly responsible for everybody else…

     finally, He brought the principle of justice to people, which stems from the previously stated principles – God’s justice is God’s eye and God’s scales – which means:   

– justice weighs everything – in order to be just to everybody and in all aspects

– justice places everything on both sides of the scales, striving to achieve equality, freedom, brotherhood and unity in all respects ….

These teachings, important principles of – unity – equality – freedom – brotherhood and justice –have been received through the prophetic word for the present time – Gabriele.  

– what particularly needs to be stressed is that Jesus of Nazareth lived God’s teachings on Earth, that is, practised what he preached…while the Church does not even live according to its counterfeit teachings…


Jesus’ teachings are simple – they are instructions on how to live. These teachings were too simple for the clergy, which is why they turned them into a profession – of which they can be the sole teachers. However, they themselves do not live what they teach.


We are using quotes from the book “The Rehabilitation of the Christ of God” by three German authors (see: literature), who provided an excellent, simple, systematic and substantiated overview of:

  • the difference between the divine teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and Catholic teachings  
  • the teachings of the Catholic Church that bastardized the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth 
  • Jesus of Nazareth and His unadulterated teachings

The Differences between the Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and Catholic Teachings

Jesus of Nazareth taught peace – the Church “saints” taught war;

Jesus of Nazareth taught reconciliation – the Church “saints” taught damnation;

Jesus of Nazareth announced the kingdom of heaven – the Church “saints” taught eternal torments of hell;

Jesus of Nazareth taught the law of cause and effect – the Church “saints” taught the “mystery of God”;

Jesus of Nazareth taught that God dwells within, in each person – the Church “saints” taught He is in the tabernacle.


Despite the Church’s rulings of damnation, it is a fact that not a single one of these sacraments was taught by Jesus of Nazareth. What He, the Co-Regent of the Kingdom of God, taught has nothing to do with rituals or sacraments; nor did He ever practice a sacrament. Jesus of Nazareth

  • did not baptize anyone,
  • did not hear any confessions,
  • did not administer any communion, 
  • did not confirm anyone,
  • did not ordain any priests, 
  • did not perform any marriages,
  • did not carry out any “extreme unction.”

Jesus of Nazareth clearly taught: “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (John 14:6) 

He did not speak of an institution that is “the mother of all Churches and mistress”.

Jesus of Nazareth did not talk about baptismal certicates. He taught us how we should live in order to attain the Kingdom of God.

He said: …” unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:20)

And: … “unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)

The whole dogmatic implacability of the coercive institutional Church becomes all the more evident considering that the parents are also induced to contribute to the spiritual co-option of their children. It says about this in the Catholic Catechism: … “the parents would deny a child the priceless grace of becoming a child of God were they not to confer Baptism shortly after birth.” (No. 1250)

According to the scriptures, Jesus of Nazareth was asked:

“Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life? And Jesus said to him, ˈWhy do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.ˈ” (Luke 18:18-19) Jesus, the Christ, the Co-Regent of the Kingdom of God, didn’t even want to be addressed as “good.” The Vatican Church, however, appoints so-called “holy ones” and attributes great significance to them. But since these alleged “saints” all died long before and because the Church wanted to give their churchgoers something to view, the “cult of relics” was instituted in addition to the “veneration of saints.”

But Jesus of Nazareth never taught: “Venerate the body of certain deceased people, then God will do good for you,” as required in the instructions of the Church. Instead, He said: “Follow me and let the dead bury their dead.” (Matthew 8:22; Luke 9:60)

A lawyer once asked Jesus what he should do to attain eternal life. Jesus said to him: “What is written in the Law? How do you read it?” And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with your entire mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” And he said to him, “You have answered correctly; do this, and you will live.” (Luke 10:26-28)

Thus, the words of Jesus of Nazareth, of the Christ of God. To what end, then, a cult of relics?

Instead of fulfilling the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth:

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock “(Matthew 7:24), the churchmen now provide as substitute corresponding “saints”, who are also called “helpers in need”.

And who is even blessed at all? 

The answer is in the Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus of Nazareth: 

Blessed are the meek, 

  • blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness 
  • blessed are the merciful
  • blessed are the pure in heart
  • blessed are the peacemakers. (Matthew 5:5-9)

And so, Jesus, the Christ, does not deem those blessed who a pope decided were beneficial to the Church in appropriate ways, but instead those who do the will of God.

The one who fulfills the will of the Eternal is called blessed by Jesus, but is not “beatified.”

After a woman called to Him from the crowd: “Blessed is the womb that bore you, and the breasts at which you nursed,” Jesus of Nazareth responded: “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it! “ (Luke 11:27-28)

Jesus of Nazareth could not have spoken out more clearly against any kind of personality cult – also not as regards His mother on Earth, Mary. Totally opposite to His teaching, however, the Vatican Church practices a veritable Marian cult. In an “apostolic exhortation” by Pope Paul VI from the year 1974, it says:

From the moment when we were called to the See of Peter, we have constantly striven to enhance devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. (w2.vatican.va) 

What did Jesus of Nazareth teach, and what not? 

Jesus of Nazareth brought the simple teaching of love for God and neighbor and of peaceableness, the teaching of the Free Spirit. 

He taught the path of self-recognition and of clearing things up, the path of remorse, of forgiveness and asking for forgiveness and of making amends for the wrongs one has caused. 

All without priests, without churches, without rituals, without ceremonies, without blood sacrifices, without incense, without the Eucharist, without monstrance, without infant baptism, without last rites, without dogmas devised by human beings and Church doctrines,  without alleged “saints” and “blessed ones,” without relics,  without a cult of the dead, without a crucifix, without a rosary, without an alleged “Mother of God”, without prayer clichés,without “holy doors” of indulgence, without eternal damnation, without popes and bishops, without confessionals,without Church taxes or tithes, without Mammon, without all the external allurements that should serve to bind the people to a caste of priests.

Jesus of Nazareth taught: “So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit.” (Matthew 7:17-18)


Dogmas, sacraments, eternal damnation, baptism… all of them (and many more!) are nothing but fabrications of the Church…


The Teachings and Doctrine of the Catholic Church which Have Bastardized the Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. 

The Catholic Church personifies a cruel and merciless god. This is a god who punishes, who is full of expectations from his followers. This is a god who imposed countless laws and regulations on the people. This is a god who demands ceremonies to celebrate him. This is a god who imposed cults and sacraments on his followers. This is a god who does not allow people free will. This is a god who condemns everyone who thinks differently. This is a god who ordered for his teachings to be defended at all cost – including torture and murder.  

The teachings of the Catholic Church claim that god personally authorised it to act as the intermediary between him and the people. According to the teachings of the Church, god ordered the construction of huge temples studded with gold.  

The god of the Catholic Church ordered that the clergy should own land, companies and banks – that they should be rich. Furthermore, god ordered for the clergy to wear lavish robes and preach in a manner that always kept the people subjugated, and state officials at the top. 

God ordered his priests to choose their Pope from among themselves – a father on Earth, who the people could celebrate and bow to. 

The Catholic god declared that god and the kingdom of heaven could only be reached through the Catholic clergy.

So it says in an offcial “textbook,” “The Christian Faith,” by Josef Neuner and Jacques Dupuis under margin note no. 1005:

“The … Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that ˈno one remaining outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans,ˈ but also Jews, heretics or schismatics, can become partakers of eternal life, but they will go to the ˈeternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels,ˈ unless before the end of their life they are joined to it.” [the Church].

“Whoever wishes to be saved must first of all hold the Catholic faith, for anyone who does not maintain this whole and inviolate will surely be lost eternally.” This is what it says in “The Teaching of the Catholic Church” by Neuner and Roos under No. 836.

How this is to be understood from the viewpoint of the Church is stated in the same book under margin note 78:

“Anyone who does not accept the whole of the Church’s tradition, both written and unwritten – anathema sit.”

On May 24, 2014, Pope Francis surprised people with the modern-sounding words:

Religious freedom is in fact a fundamental human right, and I cannot fail to express my hope that it will be upheld throughout the Middle East and the entire world.“ (w2.vatican.va)

If the pope means what he says, then he ought to declare invalid all the contrary doctrines of his allegedly infallible predecessors and “de-beatify” or “de-canonize” the popes from whom they ori- ginated!

One of these predecessors, Pope Pius VI, describes freedom of religion as a “true monstrosity” (“quae sane monstra“) in his encyclical “Quod aliquantum,” and Pope Gregory XVI condemned the “absurd and wrong view, or rather insanity, according to which freedom of conscience must be asserted and vindicated for everybody.”(Denzinger/Hünermann No. 2730)

Pope Pius IX, only beatified in the year 2,000, condemned, rejected and despised the alleged “error,” which reads: 

“Everyone is free to embrace and profess the religion that by the light of reason he judges to be true.” (Denzinger/Hünermann No. 2915)

“His direct successor, Pope Leo XIII, proclaimed infallibly, according to the Church, that … it is quite unlawful to demand, to defend, or to grant unconditional freedom of thought, of speech, or writing, or of worship, as if these were so many rights given by nature to man.” (Denzinger/Hünermann No. 3252)

And when Pope Pius X died on August 20th, 1914, on the same day, the Vatican correspondent of a Berlin daily newspaper, “Berliner Tagesblatt,” wrote in an obituary about the Pontifex: “He deplored freedom for dissidents and wanted to limit their freedom to the Church and its doctrines. … Freedom of religion and conscience were an abomination to Pius X.” Pius X was canonized in 1954.

If freedom of religion were supposedly a “fundamental human right” in the Vatican Church, as he grandiosely requested it to be to others in 2014, Pope Francis would have to abolish the many Vatican doctrines against the freedom of thought, conscience, speech, religion and press in the papal encyclicals, decrees, apostolic letters and other papal documents.

That a pope, of all people, speaks of human rights, demonstrates how very much the Vatican relies on people’s ignorance. It is fitting to mention that until today the Vatican State has not yet acknowledged the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights as binding for it.

“In the ecclesiastical bull titled ˈExsurge Domineˈ, valid even today – with which Leo X threatened Martin Luther with excommunication in 1520 – the pope also condemned those who believe … that heretics be burned is against the will of the Spirit.” (www.papalencyclicals.net)

This remains until today in the valid collection of dogmas and tenets of the Roman Church. (Denzinger/ Hünermann, No. 1483) By implication, the Church thus claims that God wanted the murder of people who do not fully agree with Church doctrine.

Thus, the Church bull declares the burning of people at the stake to be the will of the Spirit. This bull, too, would have to be rescinded by the head of the Vatican Church, if the pope’s words should now apply: “Religious freedom is a human right.”

As an ecclesiastical, irrefutable foundation for how to deal with science, the First Vatican Council even “infallibly” determined for the Roman Church:

“If anyone shall assert it to be possible that sometimes, according to the progress of science, a sense is to be given to dogmas propounded by the Church different from that which the Church has understood and understands – anathema sit.“ (Neuner/Roos, No. 61)

“It is to be held as a matter of faith that no one can be saved outside of the Apostolic Roman Church. It is the only ark of salvation and anyone who does not enter it must sink in the ood.“ (Neuner/ Roos, No. 351)

“Furthermore, we declare, state and define that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of all men that they submit to the Roman Pontiff.“ (Neuner/Roos, No. 342)

“We decree that the Holy Apostolic See and the Roman Pontiff have primacy in the whole world.“ (Neuner/Roos, No. 349)

How this absolute claim to power by the Vatican is to be actualized is impressively described in the compendium by Denzinger and Hünermann; it concerns the relationship between the State and the Church, horse and rider:

By way of the alleged “spiritual authority“ of the Church, “We are taught … that in this power – meaning the power of the Roman Church – there are two swords, that is, the spiritual and the temporal.“

“Both are therefore in the Church’s power, that is, the spiritual sword and the material [sword]. But the latter is to be employed for the Church, the former by the Church; the former (is by the hand) of the priest, the latter is by the hand of kings and warriors, but at the priest’s will and forbearance.

Sword, however, should be subordinate to sword, temporal power to spiritual. … For Truth bears witness that the spiritual power has to establish the earthly power and judge it, if it has not been good.“

(Denzinger/Hünermann, No. 873)

Unlike the Church, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God, taught no claim to power and no world dominion and no “two-sword-doctrine.” On the contrary, Jesus of Nazareth taught, “My kingdom is not of this world.“ (John 18:36) 

And He said to the tempter, after being offered all the riches of the world: “Be gone, Satan!“ (Matthew 4:10)

In February 2015, Pope Francis urged 160 cardinals to have more courage and openness. He said:

“The way of the Church is not to condemn anyone for eternity; but to pour out the balm of God’s mercy on all those who ask for it with a sincere heart.“ (w2.vatican.va)

In April 2015, the pope announced: 

Mercy: the word reveals the very mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. Mercy: the ultimate and supreme act by which God comes to meet us. (w2.vatican.va) 

Then what about the following article of faith of the pope’s Church, binding until today? “Whoever wishes to be saved must first of all hold the Catholic faith, for anyone who does not maintain this whole and inviolate will surely be lost eternally.“ (Neuner/Roos, No. 836)

This means that the one who fails to maintain inviolate just one aspect of the Church’s faith should enter the eternal fires of hell for this.
Isn’t this in a flagrant contrast to the pope’s assertion that the Vatican Church would not eternally damn anyone?

And what about hundreds of dogma-like articles of faith, in which the Church does exactly that, namely, condemns fellow humans eternally? Are these invalid?

If yes: Why doesn’t the pope act accordingly?
If no: Why, then, does the pope try to give a different impression with the words: “The way of the Church is to condemn no one for eternity; to pour out the balm of God’s mercy on all those who ask for it with a sincere heart?“

Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Eternal, All-One God, who is love, has nothing to do with this merciless, brutal and vengeful god, to whom the Vatican adheres.

Even while still on the cross, Jesus of Nazareth said to the heavenly Father: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.“ (Luke 23:34)
Would Jesus of Nazareth have spoken this way, if God were an avenger and would send even one of His children into eternal damnation?

Let us now examine the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and consider whether they contain even a trace of evil toward man. Were God’s instructions to man directed against people in any aspect, and are they as cruel as the Church presents them?  

It is important to know:

Jesus of Nazareth did not teach any kind of external religion – he taught inner Being, a path toward God for everybody – inner life. He taught the law of love and peace – love for God and neighbor.

Among the commandments – excerpts from the eternal law of love for God and neighbor – Jesus, the Christ, brought us the highest commandment: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.“ (Matthew 22:37-40)

In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God, taught us:
Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.“ (Matthew 5:5, 9)

Jesus of Nazareth the Christ of God, also said:

“Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still together on the way.“ (Matthew 5:25)

Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God, also taught the heavenly law of unity and very clearly said: “All who draw the sword will die by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52)

According to the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth, the heavenly law of unity, every murder is fratricide! The message of peace of the greatest prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, is: “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.” (Matthew 5:44)

Jesus of Nazareth did not teach indulgences or the sale of indulgences. He rejected cults of the dead and ancestor cults. He said: “Follow me, and let the dead bury their dead.” (Matthew 8:22)

Whether one kills people, whether one kills animals, whether one defiles nature – the life is everywhere, and anyone who calls for killing and condones killing is against God. For God already taught through His prophet Moses: “You shall not kill.” (Exodus 20:13)

God, the Eternal, spoke through the great prophet Isaiah:
“But whoever sacrifices a bull is like one who kills a person; and whoever offers a lamb, is like one who breaks a dog‘s neck; … and whoever burns memorial incense is like one who worships an idol.” (Isaiah 66:3)

In another passage, God speaks to the priests through His prophet Isaiah as follows:
“The multitude of your sacrifices – what are they to me? says the Lord. I have more than enough of burnt offerings, of rams and the fat of fattened animals; I have no pleasure in the blood of bulls and lambs and goats. ..

Stop bringing meaningless offerings! Your incense is detestable to me. New moons, Sabbaths and convocations – I cannot bear your worthless assemblies. …

When you spread out your hands in prayer, I hide my eyes from you; even when you offer many prayers, I am not listening.
Your hands are full of blood! Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.” (Isaiah 1:11-17)

The Eternal also spoke through the prophet Hosea:

“Though they offer sacrifices as gifts to me, and though they eat the meat, the Lord is not pleased with them. I wrote for them the many things of my law, but they regarded them as something foreign.” (Hosea 8:12-13)

God, the Eternal, revealed further:

“For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings.” (Hosea 6:6)

Today, many religious leaders trace the sacrificial cult back to Abraham. Abraham, a prophet of God, who proclaimed the One God, cannot be held responsible for the sacrifices of yesterday and today, for God led him out of the sacrificial cult of polytheism, which prevailed everywhere during his time.

God is the Creator. He is the life. In all of infinity, there is no changeable God.
That God is the life, He showed to Abraham when he believed he had to kill his son. God prevented him from doing this.

Unfortunately, there are too many examples to cite them all, which in essence represent instructions on living. Every reasonable person is able to see clearly the difference between the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  

In addition to a lot of present day studies and research on this topic by eminent experts, the following sources were also used as the basis for this lawsuit:

Martin Kubli, Dieter Potzel, Ulrich Seifert: “The Rehabilitation of the Christ of God”

Hubertus Mynarek: “Papst Franziskus, Die kritische Biografie”

Dr. Alberto Riviera: “Vatikan Assassins”

Matthias Holzbauer: “Der unselige Papst”

“Die Verfolgung der Prophetin Gottes und der Nacfolger des Jesus von Nazareth”

Heinrich Intitoris / Jacob Sprenger: “Malleus Maleficarum”

Karlheinz Deschner:

“With God and the Fascists: the Vatican Alliance with Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, and Pavelic”

“Der manipulierte Glaube: Eine Kritik d. christl. Dogmen”

Avro Manhattan: “The Vatican Billions”, “The Vaticanˈs Holocaust”

Besides the above mentioned sources, a great inspiration for this lawsuit were great historical people, whose names are famous, but also those unknown whose contribution to the fight for the truth was suffering and pain. 

Should the justice and conscience of the mankind be silent on mass extermination of peoples (persecuted and stamped out in the Crusades and horrible massacres) the Paulicianists, Manicheists, Cathars, the Bogomils etc.?

Tolstoy was excommunicated from the Ortodox Church due to his argumented criticism of their hypocritical and disastrous “Christian” teachings.

Jan Hus, Giordano Bruno, Savonarola and many others were burnt at the stake because they pointed to the dangers of such “Christian” teachings. For the clergy that meant to “destroy the enemy” by any means available, those who endangered the basis of their existence – “Church teachings”. The Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth is the symbol of the crucifixion of the truth.

There is a great number of contemporaries whose criticism of the causes and consequences of the institutional teachings is meticulous and well documented. 

Among them there are a lot of historians, philosophers, theologians, sociologists, writers, journalists and renowned thinkers as well as nongovermental human rights organizations. Just to mention a few of the well known: 

Karl Heinz Deschner, Walter Nig, Avro Manhatn, Hubertus Mynarek, Matthias Holzbauer. 

In most cases contemporaries are not taken seriously because religious dignitaries have a monopoly on reputation and the truth. Should all those men and women who 

questioned religious teachings, whose work and speech were forbidden – who were 

exterminated, burnt at the stake, hanged and crucified – be denied the right to reputation, the truth and credit for their contribution to the whole of mankind?

They did not question God, but the dangerous and cruel religious teachings.

Prophets who warned about the dangers of false Church morality: 

Moses, Elijah, Hosea, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Jesus of Nazareth, Steaven, John of Pathmos, Montanus, Priscilla (Priska), Maksimilla, Quintilla, Origen, Mani, Hildegard of Bingen, Matilda of Magdeburg, Joachim of Fiore, Meister Eckhart, Bridget of Sweden, Joan of Arc, Girolamo Savonarola, Gabriele of Wuerzburg (living prophet) and many others.

Great historical names whose works were forbidden by the Catholic strategists:

Rabelais, Montaigne, Descartes, La Fontaine, Pascal, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Denis Diderot, Helvétius, Sade, Mme De Stael, Stendhal, Balzac, Victor Hugo, Gustave, Flaubert, Alexandre Dumas, Emile Zola, Maeterlinck, Pierre Larousse , Anatole France, Andre Gide, Jean Paul Sartre , Peter Abelard, Erasmus, Nicholas Machiavelli, John Calvin, John Milton, Malebranche, Baruch Spinoza, John Locke, Bishop Berkeley, David Hume, Condillac, d’Holbach, d’Alembert, La Mettrie, Condorcet, Daniel Defoe, Jonathan Swift, Swedenborg, Laurence Sterne, Emmanuel Kant, H. Heine, J. S. Mill, G. D’Annunzio, H. Bergson and an assemblage of names of the world`s prominent figures.




David – non-governmental human rights organization

in the name of millions of the oppressed, deceived, tortured, murdered, robbed


Lawsuit for deception

                For the first time in history states (nations) with Catholic majority have been sent a well-argued lawsuit pointing to what -the Catholic Church in fact is (not).

For centuries the Catholic Church has succeeded in persuading, that is to say deceiving the world by false impersonation that it is the only one which has been entrusted with the leadership of mankind. Sometimes justice is slow – in this case this slowness (injustice) has lasted for centuries – but it is always sure.

The Catholic Church has consciously been practicing the greatest deception ever used on the Earth. Its consequences are historically unfathomable for the whole world as well as for many people!

If that deception had not been practiced, today the world would look different; freer, gentler, fairer, lighter, spiritually wealthier. Nations would be mutual friends, not enemies. People would be happier and healthier.

Justice and the truth are mills that cannot be halted permanently or turned to make the mill wheel turn backwards, the same as river flow cannot be returned to its source.

For centuries mankind has been persuaded (and so is today!) that a world view is the same as our conscience. The truth is that conscience is the entrance-hall of the truth, and a world view is the entrance-hall of demagogy or ideology.

We would like to believe that the conscience of many people – the inner feeling for the truth – is above their world view. Conscience and the truth are our innate qualities, while a world view is imposed on us from outside. Conscience neither imposes anything nor judges anybody. A world view is full of orders and prohibitions!

It is up to you – to support the Lawsuit taking the side of those demanding freedom of conscience and freedom of thinking, or not and thus help the Catholic Church to cover up the deception and sexual abuse of children.

Give some thought to many people who had to give their lives for the message of the truth.

David – non-governmental human rights organization:

Poste Restante, Karlovac, Ivana Meštrovića 8.  Poštanski ured 47107, Croatien

info@david-udruga.hr / www.david-udruga.hr

Kontakt Number: +385 95 529 8596

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