15 Of The Most Absurd And Unforgivable Things The Catholic Church Has Ever Done

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Lea Rose Emery

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It’s hard out here for a pope. See, when it comes to religious history, the list of Catholic Church transgressions makes for pretty uncomfortable reading. Despite exalting virtue and kindness in its teaching, church leadership has spearheaded a long history of outright unforgivable Catholic actions.

You might remember some of these improprieties from school – the Inquisition, Joan of Arc, and the trial of Galileo should all ring a bell. But not everything here is medieval. Though Vatican violence goes way back, a number of disturbing episodes are from recent history. Some of this repugnant behavior comes from popes, some was church-endorsed, and some, most unsettlingly, was just straight-up regular church practice.

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CMV: The Catholic Church is an evil organization

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I want to start off by saying I dont think just because you are catholic or a priest you’re a bad person I’m more talking about the history, principles and actions taken by the catholic church from its conception to now. I will also cede that some good has come out of it although I think the bad heavily outweighs it.

I’ll briefly touch on the pedophilia that is rampant is the catholic church although this is a widely known fact but a less widely known fact is the fact that Pope Francis and some of the highest cardinals were directly implicit in signing and creating documents saying any priests who would admit or talked about that they sexually abused a minor before 10 years after the incident occurred would be excommunicated.

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