Is net finally closing on US priest who allegedly abused ‘countless’ children?


FBI agents have questioned Lawrence Hecker, 91, who worked as a Catholic priest in New Orleans until 2002 despite the archdiocese being aware of molestation accusation since 1988

Ramon Antonio Vargas in New Orleans

Sat 24 Sep 2022 12.00 BST

In arguably the clearest sign yet that he is under active criminal investigation, a retired Catholic priest from New Orleans who has been publicly accused of molesting “countless” children but never charged has acknowledged that the FBI recently questioned him.

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A pope complicit in covering up sex crimes can bid moral authority goodbye


By David Von Drehle
January 25, 2022 at 4:50 p.m. EST

Everyone with open eyes can now see that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church never underestimated the problem of priests as sexual predators. They weren’t taken by surprise. Church leaders have known for decades exactly how vast the issue was, how all-consuming, from the humble parish all the way to the top in Rome.

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Former Catholic bishop admits covering up sexual abuse allegations


Howard Hubbard made admission during a deposition last year as part of a response to dozens of claims filed in New York

Associated PressSun 27 Mar 2022 19.05 BST

The former bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of Albany, New York, has acknowledged covering up allegations of sexual abuse against children by priests in part to avoid scandal and protect the reputation of the diocese.

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China expert Steve Mosher: Secret Vatican deal gives Church control to Communist Party

Source: Youtube

The John-Henry Westen Channel

Oct 3, 2022 The plight of Catholics in China has not been helped by Pope Francis’s secret pact with the Chinese Communist Party. LifeSiteNews journalist and commentator Kennedy Hall caught up with Vatican-China expert Steven Mosher, founder of the Population Research Institute, at the Catholic Identity Conference, which was held September 30 to October 2, 2022, in Pittsburgh, PA. Tune in as they discuss the fate of Cardinal Joseph Zen, how the Chinese Communist Party is creating dioceses without bishops, and a comparative overview of Chinese-Vatican relations.