The Fall of Father Dr. Wolfgang Rothe


… And he fell, and his fall was great (Mt 7,27)

Fr. Dr. Wolfgang Rothe alias “Whiskey-Vikar”
Who is the German priest Dr. Wolfgang Rothe? He is quite widely known (not only in Germany) mainly because of his activity among homosexuals and other sexual minorities. Since 2010, he has openly declared himself homosexual (see [C]). He often talks to journalists and gives interviews. It can be said that he promotes his sexual orientation. For example, in November 2021, a BBC journalist interviewed him in a “homosexual sauna” [F]. Do you know what a “homosexual, gay sauna” is? “A gay bathhouse, also known as a gay sauna or gay steam room, is a place … where gays, bisexuals and other men can have sex with men” [G]. Wolfgang Rothe himself recalls this meeting: “Today I blessed a homosexual couple on the terrace of the hotel-sauna … ‘Deutsche Eiche'” – one of the most popular meeting places for homosexuals in Munich (although places as high as the “roof terrace” can be dangerous to him – as we shall see in a moment. In my opinion, he should rather avoid them…) He is also called “Whiskey-Vikar”: “he is considered an expert on Scotch whiskey and is known for combining this knowledge with lectures and publications on spiritual topics” [C]. From 2002, he was secretary to Kurt Krenn, Bishop of St. Pölten in Austria near Vienna (he was ordained by the bishop). He was also the deputy rector of the local seminary, which became famous because of a huge sexual scandal. The American painter Terry Nelson from Minneapolis (USA) made a painting entitled “Seminary Visitation” illustrating this affair (I really liked his idea to document these kinds of events and scandals in such artistic way).

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