The Massacre of the Native Americans

Edi Maurer
SUMMARY of the videos THE BLOOD TRAIL OF THE CHURCH: Chapter 1: „Catholicization oft the heathens”, 9.-12. Century – a death toll of several ten-thousand Chapter 2: Crusades, 11.-13. Century – about 22 million victims Chapter 3: The 30-Year-War – 6 million fatal death Chapter 4: Slavery, 1440 – 1870 – a death toll of 150 million Chapter 5: Extinction of the Bogumiles, Waldensians, Cathars a.s.o. – hundreds of thousands fatal victims Chapter 6: Inquisition, 13.-18. Century. – up to 10 million victims / Chapter 7: Witch hunt, 13.-18. Century – several ten-thousand murdered Chapter 8: Massacre of the native American Indians – millions of fatalities Chapter 9: Persecution of the jews over centuries with countless death victims Chapter 10: Serbian Massacre – 800.000 million death toll Chapter 11: Child abuse – many hundred thousand victims worldwide / Chapter 12: Slaughtered animals – by the trillions

Witchcraft, Religion, and the State Apparatus: The Witch Craze Revisited

(Mohamed EZROURA FLHS –Rabat)

“. . . millions of witches, sorcerers, possessed and obsessed were an enormous mass of severe neurotics [and ] psychotics. . . for many years the world looked like a veritable insane asylum. . . .” (Gregory Zilboorg). 

“. . . the witch-craze was neither a lynching party nor a mass suicide by hysterical women. Rather, it followed well-ordered, legalistic procedures. The witch-hunts were well-organized campaigns, initiated, financed and executed by Church and State. . . .” (Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English) 

Your Danish friend may be a witch
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Ex-pope Benedict XVI accuses opponents of wanting to silence him

Comments in authorised biography also associate gay marriage with the Antichrist

The former pope said ‘the real threat to the church was in the global dictatorship of purportedly humanist ideologies’. Photograph: Arturo Mari/AFP/Getty Images

The former pope Benedict XVI has accused opponents of wanting to silence him, while associating gay marriage with the Antichrist and attacking humanist ideologies in an authorised biography published in Germany.

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‘He should have done more’: key findings from the newly released George Pell reports

Two case studies reveal the full extent of the Cardinal’s knowledge of sexual abuse within the Catholic church. Here’s what they tell us

The royal commission found it ‘implausible’ that Pell did not know about notorious paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale’s offences against children. Photograph: Con Chronis/AFP via Getty Images

Two previously redacted sections of Australia’s child sexual abuse royal commission’s final report were published on Thursday, more than two years after the commission finished its five year inquiry.

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Pope urges coronavirus lockdown obedience amid church-state debate

Pope Francis entered a heated church-state debate Tuesday night calling for “prudence and obedience” amid the coronavirus limits on Mass and other religious services.

The Catholic leader’s appeal came two days after Italian bishops expressed outrage that the government in Italy didn’t address church services in its plan to reopen businesses, social activities and sports beginning on May 4.

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Institutions, religions, Catholics, and perversions

By Ken Gillman

Last updated Mar 8, 2020 | Published on Oct 10, 2017 |


‘Proselytizing is an indispensable and inalienable characteristic of Religions; ‘believers’ are impelled to convert others because they know the real truth and must save others from their (incorrect) truths.  Religions are therefore inherently divisive and alienating.  As history reveals, unfettered, proselytizing soon descends the path to division, fear, and thus conflict.  Consequently, religions are only peaceful, safe, moral, and acceptable when they have been made so by being neutered through the influence of rationalism, education, science, and a secular society, with a complete separation of church and state — which has not yet been accomplished by any western country.’

I have written this commentary for several reasons.  I have added minor updates since Pell’s guilty verdict has been announced, although it was actually given in December 2018, and will post this version when the appeal is (finally) dealt with.

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Retrial Date Pushed Back in Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal Due to Coronavirus


By Joanna Szabo
March 27, 2020

Are you a victim of the Catholic church sex abuse scandal?

Although the Roman Catholic Church sex abuse scandal has been making headlines for years as thousands of people come forward with their own stories of abuse at the hands of priests, only one Church official has actually gone to prison as a result.

Now, that official’s retrial date has been pushed back by nearly a year due to concerns over the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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This is simply a book that everyone must sit down and read.
Alice Walker

This book is dedicated to freedom and human dignity.


Preface i Introduction

ONE Seeds of Tyranny

TWO Political Maneuvering: Making Christianity Palatable to the Romans 


Preface i Introduction

ONE Seeds of Tyranny

TWO Political Maneuvering: Making Christianity Palatable to the Romans 


THREE Deciding Upon Doctrine: Sex, Free Will, Reincarnation and the Use of Force 


FOUR The Church Takes Over: 

The Dark Ages 


FIVE The Church Fights Change: 

The Middle Ages 


SIX Controlling the Human Spirit: 

The Inquisition and Slavery 


SEVEN The Reformation: 

Converting the Populace 


EIGHT The Witch Hunts: 

The End of Magic and Miracles 


NINE Alienation From Nature 139 

TEN A World Without God 165 

ELEVEN Conclusion 185 

Notes Bibliography Index Illustration Credits 

189 208 213 220 


In June of 1995 the Chicago Tribune reported that Pope John Paul II had urged the Roman Catholic Church to seize the “particularly propitious” occasion of the new millennium to recognize “the dark side of its history.”1 In a 1994 confidential letter to cardinals which was later leaked to the Italian press, he asked, How can one remain silent about the many forms of violence perpetrated in the name of the faith—wars of religion, tribunals of the Inquisition and other forms of violations of the rights of persons?2 Unfortunately, too many have remained silent. Several years ago I listened in amazement as an acquaintance spoke of how the Christian Church had embodied the best of Western civilization and how it had brought peace and understanding to the people it touched. He seemed entirely unaware of the Church’s dark past. I decided to prepare a short presentation chronicling the dark side of Christian history—a presentation to help balance the perception that organized Christianity has historically lived up to its professed principles and ideals. I assumed that I would easily find all the information necessary for this presentation at the bookstore, but was soon shocked to find so little available on the subject. While historians have certainly written about the dark side of Christian history, their words have largely stayed within the confines of academe. And few have written of Christianity’s role in creating a world in which people feel alienated from the sacred. Why, at a time when so many are searching for deeper spiritual meaning, isn’t 


It is not possible to divorce George Pell’s acquittal from the Catholic church’s history of child abuse

The Guardian

Francis Sullivan

The bishops should end their obsession with Pell and take up their moral responsibility to victims

‘The abuse scandal has broken the hearts of Catholics and the only real impetus for change has come from public shaming.’ Photograph: James Ross/EPA

Cardinal George Pell’s acquittal was legally the correct decision. His relief and that of his family and many supporters will be palpable. He – not the Catholic church – was on trial and the high court has seen fit to ensure justice was served.

But it is not possible to divorce the acquittal from the broader context of the Catholic church’s history of child sexual abuse.

With the matter concluded the Catholic bishops should end their obsession with Pell and take up their moral responsibility to the victims of church perpetrators and those who obfuscated and concealed on their behalf.

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