The Root of Evil: Does religion promote violence?

William T. Cavanaugh, July 16, 2013

The Boston Marathon bombings have fed fears of terrorism and also given new encouragement to one of our society’s preferred ways of dealing with the fear of terrorism: we assign it to the realm of the irrational, to which we oppose the rationality of our own society. The revelation that the perpetrators were Muslims from a part of the world that harbors Islamist militants has refueled one of the most persistent themes in public discourse in the West, the idea that religion has a tendency to promote violence. A spate of articles with titles like “Did Religion Motivate the Boston Bombers?” (The Washington Post) and “Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Seen as Driven by Religion” (The Associated Press) appeared in the aftermath of the explosions.

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Vaccinations and other Unlawful, Unhealthy and Unwarranted Measures in our Community

Abolishing and Outlawing COVID Restrictions

Issued by The Oceanside Common Law Assembly (OCLA) on Monday, August 24, 2020

LET IT BE KNOWN that the regulations in Canada that restrict free movement and association, impose mandatory quarantines, distancing, medical testing and vaccinations, and require the wearing of masks are unlawful, unwarranted and medically unsound measures that threaten and assault the fundamental liberties, health and security of the people of our community and violate the internationally recognized legal right of free and informed consent that governs all medical procedures. (Nuremberg Code, 1947)

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Establish Liberty Now in Canada: Kevin Annett, co-founder of the Republic

Kevin Annett focuses on the present police state restrictions being rolled out worldwide and in Canada, the shutdown of government and courts, and how people are opening common law assemblies to take back power in local communities and create the Republic (Kanata) from the grassroots. Kevin also has new information on the west coast inquiry into Chinese involvement in ongoing genocide, and the opportunity it has to take control of parts of Canada and the U.S.

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Gott hat keine Raubtiere erschaffen

Gott hat keine Raubtiere erschaffen / Edi Maurer

Allgemein gilt: Es ist ganz normal, dass Wildtiere scheu sind. Wenn sie keine Angst vor dem Menschen haben, dann seien sie wahrscheinlich krank und sollten getötet werden. Doch in Gegenden, die noch nie ein Mensch betreten hat, haben Tiere meist keine Angst vor dem Menschen. Warum?

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Die Schönheit der Schöpfung und der Feldzug des Menschen gegen das Leben HD

Edi Maurer

Im ersten Teil zeigt der Film z.T. in berauschenden Flugaufnahmen die Schönheiten dieser Erde und dokumentiert das geniale Miteinander der gesamten Natur. Im zweiten Teil deckt der Film auf eindrückliche Weise auf, wie der Mensch diese Harmonie empfindlich stört und so die Erde in kurzer Zeit an den Rand des Kollapses geführt hat.

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15 Of The Most Absurd And Unforgivable Things The Catholic Church Has Ever Done


Lea Rose Emery, svibnja 6, 2020

It’s hard out here for a pope. See, when it comes to religious history, the list of Catholic Church transgressions makes for pretty uncomfortable reading. Despite exalting virtue and kindness in its teaching, church leadership has spearheaded a long history of outright unforgivable Catholic actions.

You might remember some of these improprieties from school – the Inquisition, Joan of Arc, and the trial of Galileo should all ring a bell. But not everything here is medieval. Though Vatican violence goes way back, a number of disturbing episodes are from recent history. Some of this repugnant behavior comes from popes, some was church-endorsed, and some, most unsettlingly, was just straight-up regular church practice.

Dark church history contains scandal after scandal rife with every vice and taboo you can imagine. When the church was at the height of its power (at which point it was the most powerful organization in the Western world), it’s safe to say everything went to its head. Combine that with church leaders seeming to stubbornly resist adapting to changing morality and you’ve got a whole lot of unforgivable moments on your hands. 

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