Why is Russia’s church backing Putin’s war?


Opinion by Scott Kenworthy: Church-state history gives a clue


Published: MARCH 22, 2022

Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, conducts a service on Orthodox Christmas at the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow, Russia January 6, 2018.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church has defended Russia’s actions and blamed the conflict on the West.

Patriarch Kirill’s support for the invasion of a country where millions of people belong to his own church has led critics to conclude that Orthodox leadership has become little more than an arm of the state – and that this is the role it usually plays.

The reality is much more complicated. The relationship between Russian church and state has undergone profound historical transformations, not least in the past century – a focus of my work as a scholar of Eastern Orthodoxy. The church’s current support for the Kremlin is not inevitable or predestined, but a deliberate decision that needs to be understood.

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Maasai elders of Ngorongoro District

We are Maasai Elders from Northern Tanzania. Any day now, tens of thousands of our community could be evicted from our ancestral lands to make way for tourism and trophy hunting. Last time Avaaz raised the alarm,the President shelved the plan. So we urgently need you to stand with us again! Global public pressure can change our new President’s mind, but time is running out. Sign now to help us protect our lands!


Dear friends,

We are Maasai elders from Northern Tanzania. Any day now tens of thousands of our community could be forced off our ancestral lands to make way for elite tourism and trophy hunting.

We urgently need your support.

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Mark Passio, slobodni istraživač, govornik i aktivista, priredio je ovu kratku video prezentaciju na protestu protiv zatvaranja od strane vlasti i obaveznih maski, održanom u Filadelfiji, 6.12.2020.

Krešimir Mišak – Na rubu Znanosti

Anita Kasalo

21. studeni 2021

🔴 Negativna dinamika situacije koju diktiramo osnovom krivih uvjerenja. To je vjerovanje da sam koncept vlasti nad drugima može na bilo koji način biti legitiman.

Vjerovanje u vlast je vjerovanje da neki ljudi imaju više prava od drugih. To je vjerovanje da pojedinci sa punim pravom mogu naređivati drugima. To je vjerovanje da su pojedinci punopravni gospodari, dok drugi imaju moralnu obvezu pokoravati se ovoj gospodarskoj klasi koja sebe naziva vlašću…

Prema bilo kojoj istinitoj definiciji, ono što TO zaista jest JE ROPSTVO‼️

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Religious Conflicts Around the World

Joe Bara

8. listopada 2020.

The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The conflict in Northern Ireland, which has killed thousands, has political and religious roots that are centuries old.

Since the 12th Century constant revolts challenged the often brutal British rule of Ireland, climaxing in the 1916 Easter Uprising in Dublin.

It sparked a chain of events leading to civil war and partition of the island.

In the south 26 counties formed a separate state, while six counties in the north stayed within the UK.

Over successive decades the Catholic minority there suffered discrimination over housing and jobs, which fuelled bitter resentment.

In modern times the conflict is centred on opposing views of the area’s status.

Some people in Northern Ireland, especially the mainly Protestant Unionist community, believe it should remain part of the United Kingdom.

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