You dare to do it, too!

We don’t turn our heads away, we don’t bury them in the sand, we don’t remain silent on violence! We feel responsibility! We are not satisfied with the fact that only we, our children and wives are doing well! We dare to tell the truth and fight for it!

You dare to do it, too!

International forum – global answer – aid to children and women

The world has been alarmed by terrible executions in the name of faith, concerning people’s lives, freedom and rights. Is that something new? Were the executions in the name of faith in the past less eerie than those today? Why aren’t questions about the causal connection between the evils in the past and those today being asked? How would the world react today to burning women in public, brutal tortures and killing people in crusade wars and numerous prisons? Were decapitations and mass shooting in the name of faith used before as they are today? Is the root cause of the past and the present events the same?

Why has the Religious Establishment tried to convince people throughout history that religious doctrine has nothing to do with its products – religious fanaticism and fundamentalism? Is that really so? Are speech, behaviour and messages sent by priesthood in accordance with the source they quote or with their actions and their retouched doctrine, which has been very influential?! We know everything about the past and the present! However, none of those who shape our society or have any kind of influence on its functioning want to see or hear anything and a lot of people who neither ask questions nor think follow them. Why?!

All religions refer to the same God, but each has its own interpretation, rules and obligations to their followers. For example, the Catholic Church claims children don’t belong to their parents but to the mother Church. So, indoctrinated parents accept baptism and religious education as a normal act of belonging to the Church. As a result of that, children have been objects of indoctrination, manipulation, violence, aggression and crimes for centuries. Where is that evident?

Children grow into adults who occupy important social and national positions. Ideologically brought up people then become politicians, judges, soldiers, police officers, doctors…, and are constantly reminded of conscientious objection by the Catholic Church, which implies they should put canon law above the constitution of any state. What happens next? All these socially and nationally engaged people ought to fight for the values they have been taught since the very baptism and accept them as the only correct and authoritative ones. That’s how „In the name of God“- an obedient nation arises. Are these people to blame? No, they are not! Since their birth they have had to learn the imposed religious principles with a certain view of life referring to God. Practice shows these religious principles and God’s doctrine have nothing in common.

It’s not just atheists, agnostics……. who are asking questions about the credibility of the religious system and doctrine. More and more religious followers are becoming aware of the fact that the Churches exist and act in their own parallel world created out of interest. How does this world look after 2000 years!?

Violence against children, committed in the name of religion and politics, in the name of love and human rights, is terrible! Therein lies the greatest hidden danger for children! Children have become victims of dangerous intentions in the name of God. There’s no mercy for children in this cruel world! There are hungry children all over the world, while those teaching them live wealthy lives. Children are taught God’s laws by those who do not obey them! Children are constant targets of numerous acts of violence. They are forced to beg and work while the Religious Establishment live in opulence and keep raising the issue of children’s bad position in the world. Children and the youth are church dignitaries’ sex abuse victims. They are the tools for shaping and ruling the world! Cohabitating, religious institutions and politics have entered the education system implementing the most important thing in education – their own worldview, which is… ATTENTION, GREAT DANGER FOR CHILDREN!

The second most endangered group are women who are, unbelievably, the most faithful religious followers. Most popes, great church dignitaries and even those proclaimed saints have always treated women as objects at men’s service, as a defect in nature. Their only task was to please men. Women had to be obedient. They were neither allowed to teach nor to rise above men in any way.

According to the Bible and Jesus’ teachings women have the same rights as men – but not in the Catholic Church, neither in its doctrine nor in its practice, which makes it scandalous. The oppression of women, who have been defamed and excommunicated for over 2000 years by Western culture, originates from Roman Catholic institutions. The Evangelical Lutheran Church wasn’t any different. Martin Luther took an active part in the Inquisition, persecution and burning of heretics and witches. Church sexual chronology shows bare facts as a proof of hostility towards women. According to traditional religious teachings, which are effective even today, women represent objects at the service of men, family and the Church. This is not about a small number of emancipated women, but about the actual situation. Let’s take a look at the regulations, obligations and traditions of religious teachings concerning women and we can see a real picture of freedom and human rights of most women in the world.

We don’t turn our heads away, we don’t bury them in the sand, we don’t remain silent on violence! We feel responsibility! We are not satisfied with the fact that only we, our children and wives are doing well! We dare to tell the truth and fight for it!

You dare to do it, too!




International Forum – Global Response

Determining responsibility of religious institutions
for human lives
and world peace

We wish to inform all those who follow, study or are interested in religious abuse and the influence religion and religious institutions exert on human lives that in the year 1914 in Zagreb we have started „The International Forum – Global Response”, determining responsibility of religious institutions for human lives and world peace.
Note: this is not a new religious or atheist movement nor is it a movement against people who believe in God. This is a worldwide project with the aim of revealing the truth about the known, the unknown and the untouchable concerning the treatment of people by religious institutions all over the world.
For centuries many (writers, philosophers, lawyers, human rights activists, theologians) have appealed to humanity’s conscience, to secular and spiritual rulers, warning about the violation and disregard of human rights and freedom, loss of dignity and even lives of innocent people.
On the basis of the centuries of experience, arguments and present day facts, this initiative aims at calling things by their names and putting them into perspective in order to encourage world institutions to take steps to protect humans and human rights.
The abbreviated name is “The International Forum – Global Response” (MAGO).
People from all over the world are invited to join this project for the well-being of all mankind.
We especially invite people already engaging in these issues: lawyers, historians, writers, sociologists, educators, theologians, associations, human rights activists and all those whose concern is religious abuse and the influence of religion and religious institutions on people’s and animals’ lives including nature.
The founder of this International Forum is David – the Association of Citizens for Protection of Human Rights from Croatia.
The initiators of this international project of global importance point out the following:

  • it is to be free of politics and government institutions.
  • actions of this Forum are to be based on the principals of the Universal Declaration of Human rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10/12/1948 (resolution 217/III).
  • everyone involved in the work of this Forum is to be extremely tolerant towards everyone else regardless of their religion, nonreligion or nationality.
  • dignity and integrity of every human being are to be respected.


  • people by religious institutions out of their self-interest and for financial gain.