Catholic Charities, Scam In World

How many of you have received a call from Catholic Charities asking for you to donate money? How many of you have donated?

I for one would love to see the Catholic Charities shut down, and everyone running it put in jail for life. It’s the biggest scam in the world. They “claim” that they use the money they get to help the poor and needy. That’s a huge lie.

My family received a call from them many years ago asking to donate, and we said no. A few weeks later, my mom, who worked in a department store’s customer service area, started getting large checks in from Catholic Charities. They would write the checks so they could purchase gift certificates to the department store. Needless to say, we were not too thrilled with this. So my dad called up and complained anonymously, and they claim that the needy people don’t want generic Hanes or Fruit-Of-the-Loom. They want designer Fubu and Tommy Hilfiger and Polo and so on.

You want to know the real reason why all the Catholic churches and school are going out of business? Sure it’s related to the decrease in Catholics, but the churches and schools would stay open if it weren’t for Catholic Charities. They demand, let’s say, a million dollars from each church every year. If the church doesn’t have the money, they go into the red. The churches keep going into the red, and no one can help them, so they must shut down.

My high school is the same way. My school makes about $2,000,000 from Bingo and tuition. After all expenses, the school makes about $500,000. Now because my school is considered a ministry/church, the wonderful Catholic Charities gets their part, probably $500,000. My school relys on tuition and bingo to pay for everything. The band sees the least amount of funding. It is probably because of the wonderful money hungry Catholic Charities that my school’s band hasn’t been able to buy a new instrument in 15 years.

Catholic Charities does not work. We have first hand proof too. When my one great-grandmother was dying (before I was born), she had nothing. There was no money for even a decent funeral. My family contacted Catholic Charities thinking they could help in any way. Catholic Charities politely returned comment saying, “Sorry we can’t help you, we don’t have any money.”

Ok, so where is the money going? It’s not going to help people besides those who work for Catholic Charities. And they keep taking it from churches and schools. They need to be shut down, but they can’t because they are a charity, and no matter how corrupt a charity is, you can’t touch them because that’s against the law! What the charity is doing is against the law too.

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