CMV: The Catholic Church is an evil organization


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I want to start off by saying I dont think just because you are catholic or a priest you’re a bad person I’m more talking about the history, principles and actions taken by the catholic church from its conception to now. I will also cede that some good has come out of it although I think the bad heavily outweighs it.

I’ll briefly touch on the pedophilia that is rampant is the catholic church although this is a widely known fact but a less widely known fact is the fact that Pope Francis and some of the highest cardinals were directly implicit in signing and creating documents saying any priests who would admit or talked about that they sexually abused a minor before 10 years after the incident occurred would be excommunicated.

The first reason is indulgences which specifically targeted the poorest of peasants and had them pay for a “blessed” piece of paper which was supposed to be a get out of hell free card which morally makes no sense as it allows rich people to infinitely sin as long as they buy the piece of paper. Though they ended in 1567 this was only because Martin Luther posted the 95 theses and translated the bible showing the transgressions of the church. The public was so outraged by this that there was one of the largest revolts of the time period that left thousands dead by the catholic kingdoms slaughter of protestors.

The catholic church has regularly attempted to silence any scientific and social thought that contradicts their world view instead of trying to work around it the most notable is Galileo who was sentenced to house arrest until he died after being given the ultimatum of death or a life of improsement while saying your lifes work is false. It took the catholic church 300 years to admit they were wrong and clear him of the charges of heresy.

On the note of suppression they also tried to subdue any different religions through the counter reformation and the inquisition. For many years they tried to kill Martin Luther and have him say his statements were false in court along with them attempting to stop him from translating the bible. The inquisition was one of the most brutal religious movements beyond the crusades that were also at the behest of the catholic church. Many were brutally tortured or killed who were accused of being protestant. The worst case of this was the St. Bartholomew’s day massacre. In which over 2000 protestants were slaughtered in paris which lead to many more massacres across france, this was cheered on by the Catholic Churchs leadership.

My last point is how they choose people to be sainted that couldnt be further from the word purely for their own gains of perceived popularity and legitimacy. Mother Teresa is the best example of this she is upheld to be the pinnacle of human kindness as well as the catholic church but is she? “Mother Teresa accepted a donation from financier Charles Keating who later went to prison for defrauding investors.” “She took money from and praised from and praised right-wing dictator Jean Claude Duvalier who later was accused of allowing the torture and murder of thousands of Haitians under his regime” -Christopher Hitchens So did this money at least go to helping the sick and needy which she is known for? Well some of it did but the majority of it went to nunerys in india meant to convert hindu people with a poorer background and no education into Catholics, meanwhile her poor house in Kolkata has been described as one of the most depressing places on earth. Multiple doctors who inspected it alleged that the patients lived in unhygienic conditions with not enough food and no painkillers.

In short the Catholic church in addition to these examples has committed many great harms on society many of them coming directly from the pope and his cardinals which are meant to be the paragons of virtue within the church. To any Catholics out there why beyond tradition do you participate in an organization that has done so much evil?

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